How to Pack For a Trip in Cold Weather

By Glossy Magazine

How to Pack For a Trip in Cold Weather

How to Pack For a Trip in Cold Weather

How to Pack For a Trip in Cold Weather

Winter is just around the corner and for many, it’s a wonderful opportunity to travel somewhere Christmassy and cold. However, knowing what to pack (and how to fit it all in!) for a winter trip isn’t always easy. Here are some tips to avoid freezing on your travels while still being able to fit everything into a regular-sized suitcase.

How to Pack For Cold Weather

Following this advice will mean you can stay warm on your winter holiday and still stick to your baggage allowance!

Pack layers

Not only are layers of lighter clothing better at keeping you warm but they’re also more practical too as you can easily add or remove layers if the weather changes during your trip. Layers are also easier to fit into a suitcase than large bulky items like chunky cardigans or hooded sweatshirts.

Do take one winter coat 

That said, you should definitely take one bulky item with you – a warm, winter coat. However, it’s probably easier to wear this than to try and cram it into your suitcase with the rest of your luggage!

Don’t forget your feet!

It isn’t just your body that will need protection from the elements. You need to take care of your feet too so be sure to pack warm, waterproof shoes and plenty of changes of socks so you can keep your feet warm and dry when you’re sightseeing.

Choose the right fabrics

Opting for clothes made from warm yet lightweight fabrics can help when it comes to sticking to luggage allowances but still staying cosy during your trip. Merino wool and cashmere are both great options. 


You don’t want to forget your extremities like your head, feet and hands as these are the parts of you most likely to get cold when you’re out and about in winter weather. Remember to pack insulated gloves, fluffy socks and hats.

Plan your flight outfit

Wearing your bulkiest items, like jumpers, coats and boots on the plane means that you’ll have more space in your suitcase for everything else and also means you’ll be warm on arrival too! 

Consider your underwear

If you’re travelling somewhere very cold, where the outdoor temperatures will be low most of the time, then thermal underwear is a good idea. Thermals trap body heat and also wick away sweating to help prevent you from getting chilly if you’ve been exercising, such as taking a brisk snowy walk, for example. Don’t worry, you can still pack some sexy underwear for when you’re cosy indoors!

Use vacuum seal bags

Vacuum seal bags remove excess air, allowing you to pack more into less space. This makes them ideal for use in your suitcase when you’re packing for a winter getaway. To use, you simply place your items into the bag and either roll the bag up, pushing out any excess air or use a vacuum cleaner to suck air from the bag.