How to plan the perfect Christmas party

By Glossy Magazine

Christmas Party Dinner Table

How to plan the perfect Christmas party

Christmas Party Dinner Table

We all know how jam-packed our schedules can get over the Christmas period. From work parties to meeting up with friends at the Christmas markets, going to the pantomime and making sure the kids are having a magical Christmas too, it can be a very busy time.

So, if you’re planning to host your own get-together, now’s the time to be planning it, thinking about all the festive activities you want to do and sending out invitations!

Decide on a time and place

Before organising anything in too much detail, you need to decide when and where you want to have your shindig. Choose a time that suits the people you want to invite. If you or your friends have children, a daytime event gives them the flexibility to bring their children along too. 

Consider arranging something for the beginning of December before people go away for Christmas and beat the work party rush in the middle of the month. Of course, choose a venue that is suitable for your guests; consider a bar if you are a young crowd or maybe a sophisticated restaurant for those who don’t want to be out too late. 

Incorporate a theme or niche

A theme is a great way to get everyone in the holiday spirit and allows everyone to have some fun with their outfits. Maybe you’d like to keep it cute and cosy with traditional Christmas vibes with plenty of mistletoe and mulled wine. Perhaps you’d like to go more extreme with a winter wonderland. Or maybe you want to unleash your inner clown with a Christmas Character themed party.

Have fun with your decorations and brighten up the place with a collection of twinkling Christmas lights, design your own Santa’s Grotto with giant swathes of red fabric and paper mache or just keep it nice and simple with a festive colour scheme.

Include some festive traditions

Christmas isn’t Christmas without the traditions we all hold dear. After all, who can resist pulling a cracker to find out what treasures are hidden inside or keep themselves from belting Mariah Carey’s All I Want For Christmas when it comes onto the sound system?

Consider arranging a Secret Santa too so everyone leaves your party with a little gift. Details like these make all the difference.

Put on an amazing spread 

Depending on your budget, you can either choose to provide all the food yourself or request that everyone brings something to contribute to the buffet. In order to avoid an entire table full of mince pies, assign everyone a type of dish, be it a vegetarian starter, a meat centrepiece or a dessert. 

And don’t forget to keep everyone properly refreshed with copious amounts of mulled wine! No Christmas party is complete without it.