How to Spruce Up Kitchen on a Budget

By Glossy Magazine

How to Spruce Up Kitchen on a Budget

How to Spruce Up Kitchen on a Budget

How to Spruce Up Kitchen on a Budget

One minute you’re enjoying your breakfast on a morning that your mum has made for you and the next minute you’re staring at your backsplash and wishing you could overhaul it. Becoming a grown up happens to most of us when we are lucky, but if you are looking around your kitchen and you are noticing the drab cabinets or the cracks in the tile, you may also be annoyed at how much it can cost for you to spruce up your kitchen.

Kitchens can be notoriously expensive to renovate, especially if you’re going from the ground up. The rising cost of everything from gas to groceries has meant that things like home decor have fallen to the back burner. Still, there are some changes you can make for aesthetic purposes, and then there are the OEM replacement parts that you might need for your refrigerator. You need to think about what fixes you should make versus what fixes you would like to make, And then decide where to begin. So let’s take a look at how you can spruce your kitchen up on a budget.

It’s a makeover. You do not have to rip off your cabinets and replace them with new ones if you don’t want to. In fact, just by exchanging the vinyl on the outside of the cabinets, you can give your whole kitchen a dramatic new look. Painting your cabinets is also an inexpensive change to give a kitchen a massive facelift, especially if you’d like to add some value or you just want it to look good. Replacing cabinets altogether can become very expensive, but you can shop in places like IKEA to really help to keep the money down.

Replace the hardware. The knobs and handles on your drawers and your cabinets can be changed out very quickly, and it’s an inexpensive upgrade. You can also add color and texture to your kitchen with new hardware because you can swap out the gold or bronze for silver. Going Chrome with your hardware can make a big difference to the way that it looks. You just have to make sure that your colors are coordinated.

Give the walls a lick of paint. As we said, paint is a very inexpensive way to upgrade your space. Adding in colour and texture to your kitchen with paint can make a big difference and it’s going to dramatically change the way the kitchen looks. You could even have a feature wall in your kitchen, possibly where the oven is and different colors on all the other walls. You do not have to go down the beige brigade and keep everything Gray. Your kitchen can be bright and bubbly to match your own personality.

Change up your lighting. Upgrading your lighting is an inexpensive and very effective way to change up your kitchen. The part of creating something delicious that you should think about is creating something that looks beautiful. You eat with your eyes and you have to make sure that your food looks good and tastes good, and you can’t do that with poor lighting.

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