How to Stay Productive While Travelling

By Glossy Magazine

How to Stay Productive While Travelling

How to Stay Productive While Travelling

How to Stay Productive While Travelling

The rise of remote working has fuelled a surge in people increasingly blending business with leisure travel. But how do you ensure you’re conquering that to-do list while simultaneously conquering new horizons? With a little planning and strategy, you can master staying productive as you travel, ensuring a truly enriching journey.

The importance of planning

Preparation is paramount. Before departure, identify essential tasks and deadlines. Schedule focused work sessions during predictable downtime, such as long-haul flights or layovers. If you frequently fly for work, you could consider joining a private jet membership so you can ensure you have a quiet space to conduct your business in complete comfort from the skies.

Project management apps like Trello or Asana can help you streamline your workflow and keep track of progress. Ensure all devices are synced and charged and download any necessary offline documents or applications in case of unreliable Wi-Fi. Cloud storage services like Dropbox or Google Drive are lifesavers for accessing important files on the go.

Finding focus on the move

Your temporary work environment can make or break your productivity. If a hotel with a dedicated workspace is outside your budget, consider co-working spaces at your destination. Many cities offer daily or weekly passes to these shared office environments, providing a professional atmosphere and reliable internet access.

Communicate clear boundaries with any travel companions so you can minimise distractions. Noise-cancelling headphones are essential, especially in bustling cafes or co-working spaces. If absolute quiet is necessary, research libraries or bookstores in your destination that might offer dedicated study areas.

The power of routine

Consistency is key, so align your work hours with your most productive time zone whenever possible. This might mean early mornings for those working with European clients, or late evenings for those connecting with colleagues in Asia. Block out focused work periods in your calendar, factoring in time zone differences.

Remember, a well-rested mind is a productive mind. Prioritise sleep, even with jet lag. Develop a relaxing bedtime routine and try to stick to a consistent sleep schedule as much as possible. Researching if your hotel or apartment has sufficient blinds before travelling should help you avoid an unnecessary early wake up after a long travel day!

Embrace flexibility

Travel often involves unexpected delays or schedule changes. Turn these into opportunities for periods of micro-productivity. Use downtime during airport security queues or train journeys to catch up on emails, respond to messages or tackle smaller, less demanding tasks.

The beauty of travel is the constant influx of inspiration. Don’t be afraid to schedule short breaks to explore local sights during lunch hours or after work. A visit to a historical landmark or a walk through a botanical garden can spark new ideas and fuel creativity.