How To Stop Hay Fever From Ruining Your Summer!

By Glossy Magazine

How To Stop Hay Fever From Ruining Your Summer!

How To Stop Hay Fever From Ruining Your Summer!

How To Stop Hay Fever From Ruining Your Summer!

The sun’s out, the sky is blue and everyone’s getting excited. Summer is here yet again and most people are gearing up for constant weekends in the sun, barbecues and life by the beach. You’d love to feel as excited as these guys – but there’s one problem.

You suffer from hay fever.

This means your summer is plagued by constant sneezing, a nose that switches between blocked and runny, itchy eyes and a general fear of the pollen count. It’s genuinely amazing how something that seems so minor can become a pretty debilitating health condition during the summer months. It makes you dread the best time of the year – but this doesn’t have to be the case any longer.

The right preparations leading up to summer can stop hay fever from ruining the hot months while many treatments or remedies during high-pollen season will also calm your symptoms. If hay fever keeps messing up your summer plans, here’s what to do:

Stock up on antihistamines

An antihistamine is a type of medication designed to prevent your body from reacting to histamines, which trigger your allergic reaction to pollen. You’ll find loads of possibilities, but fexofenadine (sold under the brand name Allevia) is typically the strongest, non-drowsy option. Get it any any good online pharmacy and stock up throughout the summer. Take one a day and your body will slowly adjust and the symptoms will get a lot easier to manage. If you start taking them before your hay fever kicks in, your body builds a tolerance and it can mean your summer is virtually hay fever free!

Get a good nasal spray

Your nose typically causes a lot of issues when you have hay fever. It gets blocked and inflamed, so a good steroid nasal spray can solve this problem. Beconase is the most popular choice in the UK and it gradually works to prevent inflammation and open up your nasal passages. This can also stop itchiness in your nose – which is outstandingly annoying as it never seems to go away.

Carry some eye drops with you

Of all the hay fever symptoms, itchy eyes are the worst. You can’t help but rub them, meaning you ruin your mascara and makeup. Even worse, rubbing your eyes makes them itch more and you walk around with red, watery eyes, looking like you’ve spent the whole day crying. Some eye drops will tackle this issue; carry them in your bag and use them as required. They can help clean and moisturise your eyes so they don’t feel as itchy while providing a little protective barrier.

Try eating stinging nettles

Lastly, there’s some evidence suggesting stinging nettle leaves are beneficial for hay fever sufferers. It’s believed there’s something in the nettles that prevents inflammation and can work almost like a natural antihistamine. There’s no downside to eating nettles, so you might as well try it. Find plenty of great stinging nettle recipes online to create soups, pestos and other pretty tasty anti-hay fever delights.

Think of this as the ultimate kit to combat hay fever. The sooner you start addressing your symptoms, the easier it is to prevent them. Remember to wash your hands and clothes regularly too, removing any trace elements of pollen that end up on them throughout the day. Now, you’re ready to fully enjoy summer for the first time without constantly sneezing or rubbing your eyes.

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