Inspiring drama at Stockport Grammar

By Glossy Magazine

Inspiring drama at Stockport Grammar School.

Inspiring drama at Stockport Grammar

Inspiring drama at Stockport Grammar School.

Drama students at Stockport Grammar School enjoyed an inspiring visit from a theatre director, who helped them generate ideas for an upcoming performance. 

Gitika Buttoo visited the school to speak to the students about her career and artistry. 

Gitika has directed theatre and radio nationally and was formerly the staff director at the National Theatre. Her most recent credits include Road by Jim Cartwright at the Oldham Coliseum and The Jungle Book at the Storyhouse theatre in Chester. 

Gitika answered many questions from the A-level group and helped them to generate ideas about how to stage their upcoming play. 

The Upper Sixth students are studying both Carwright’s Road and Woyzeck by George Büchner. 

As part of their studies, they have been tasked with creating an original directorial concept to Büchner’s play. Gitika helped the students to recognise the themes of the play and how they could still be relevant to a modern audience. 

With Gitika’s help, the students were able to generate lots of interesting ideas for their performance.