Introducing Private GP Extra and Hearing + Wellness. Your gold-standard healthcare experience in Hale.

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Hearing & Wellness Shop Team

Introducing Private GP Extra and Hearing + Wellness. Your gold-standard healthcare experience in Hale.

Hearing & Wellness Shop Team

Do you long for the days when you had a personal connection with your GP? Remember the times when the same GP saw you face to face, they listened to your concerns, your health was thoroughly investigated, and time was on your side? Private GP Extra in Hale is here to make those days a reality once again. Private GP Extra aims to treat every patient with the care, respect and attentiveness needed to get them back on the road to better health.

The practice was founded in 2012 by GP Dr Adam Simon and his wife, physiotherapist Jacqui Simon. Each with over 25 years of experience in their respective fields, they started Private GP Extra to redefine the GP-patient relationship and deliver a top-quality healthcare experience.

Gone are the days of rushed appointments and unanswered questions. At Private GP Extra, it’s all about a return to the basics of healthcare – you see the GP who knows you by name and has the time to address your concerns comprehensively, giving you the benefit of continuity of treatment with the same doctor.

Located within the gold-standard Hearing + Wellness clinic on Ashley Road in Hale village, Private GP Extra has seamlessly blended into the heart of the community. Adding this new location to its existing list of Private GP Extra clinics (Stockport, Cheadle and Rochdale) about a year ago has proven to be a great success.

As Dr Simon says, “We know it works because people who come to see us will come back because they are happy with what we do.”

Offering 30-minute (minimum) face-to-face appointments at a time to suit you, Private GP Extra gives patients the chance to discuss their concerns, have a complete examination and still have ample time to discuss and understand the treatment options that are available.

For complex matters or multiple issues, extended consultation slots are available.

Private GP Extra believes in exploring all avenues for your wellbeing. It might mean recommending a specialist, suggesting lifestyle changes, opting for investigations or prescribing medications.

The doctor at Private GP Extra is ready to help – contact us today.

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Hearing + Wellness AND Private GP Extra
192 Ashley Road
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T: 0161 428 4464

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Hearing loss affects one in five adults in the UK, and maybe you’re one of them?

Having your hearing checked should be as routine as a sight or dental check, instead, hearing loss often goes undetected, but this need not be the case.

Stepping through the door of the welcoming clinic in Hale, run by Louise Bruce from its established premises on Ashley Road, may be the positive step change you take to reclaiming your connection to the world around you by taking control of your hearing health.

With free high street parking available outside the door of the clinic, free hearing tests, and the latest technology from the world’s top manufacturers at competitive prices, Hearing + Wellness is creating a reputation for professional service and exceptional customer satisfaction.

From hearing loss to ear wax removal, the team at Hearing + Wellness is there to offer independent, friendly advice and practical, lifestyle-orientated solutions.

Their ear wax removal services offer two simple painless treatment options – microsuction or irrigation. Using a video otoscope, you’re also given a visual of your ear canal before and after.
Louise has many years of experience in the industry and is passionate about helping people with untreated hearing loss.

“When people come to us,” says Louise, “they are entering into a purpose-built facility with the latest equipment and fully trained clinicians.”

Hearing aids offer the latest digital technology and the clinic’s skill is in personalising that technology for you. The very smallest cosmetically discreet solutions are available, including rechargeable options (to avoid you having to fiddle with batteries) and those featuring connectivity to your mobile phone, allowing you to make hands-free calls.

If you think you may be affected by hearing loss, please contact Hearing + Wellness for free, impartial advice.

Readers Offers
If you are over 75 years of age, free ear wax removal is available on Thursdays by appointment only until the end of November 2023. Quote Glossy 20.
Attend Hearing + Wellness’s open day, supported by a world-leading hearing instrument manufacturer, on Wednesday 8th of November 2023 by appointment. Quote Glossy 10.

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Hearing & Wellness Hale
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WA15 9SF
T: 0161 928 5900