The linchpin of every day? Energy—we all need it; we all want more. Now, LAB SERIES Skincare for Men introduces a new way to get a boost of energy: Solid Water Essence. In seconds, you can jumpstart the look of your skin. Fight the look of fatigue. Fuel hydration. Wake up tired looking skin and go.

The unique gel-to-liquid structure bursts in the palm of your hand. Never messy, works instantly; it can be used anytime, anywhere. It’s a new way to feel a boost of energy – before a meeting, a big night out, or when you simply didn’t sleep the night before (and it shows). Excellent as a pre-serum step in both morning and night time regimes.

30-40% of skin’s energy is used to pump hydration to the skin. So, if you can energise skin on a cellular level, you can optimise its hydration. Solid Water Essence contains energising Ginseng and invigorating Caffeine, which are proven to help energise skin cells. And they get delivered via Bamboo-infused micro-droplets for rapid absorption. Plus, it’s packed with antioxidants to fight free radicals and help prevent visible signs of aging.

New Solid Water Essence. For an energised appearance in the moment and more youthful-looking skin over time: Hydrate. Energise. Boost.

 “Solid Water Essence immediately adds the look of life back into your skin. Plus, it’s actually fun to use: it transforms right in your hand, and then you get this rush when you press it into your face and neck. I’ve been using it on set, and the guys look re-energised and say they feel amazing.” – Jodie Boland, LAB SERIES Brand Ambassador and Grooming Expert


86% reported skin instantly looked refreshed and energised*

94% reported instant, refreshing burst of hydration*

*Instant consumer testing on 105 men.

Ginseng + Caffeine

Energising Ginseng. Invigorating Caffeine. They help energise skin cells to fight dehydration and dull, fatigued-looking skin.

Amped-Up Hydration

The gel-to-liquid structure holds the hydrating properties of a moisturising gel—and delivers them in a Bamboo-infused water to be rapidly absorbed by the skin.

Solid Water Essence has a recommended retail price of £39 and is available in department stores nationwide and at