Lowry Legal. Manchester’s new family law big-hitters

By Beverley Uddin Khandakar

Lowrie Legal. Katie McCann.

Lowry Legal. Manchester’s new family law big-hitters

Lowrie Legal. Katie McCann.

Katie McCann, the founder and managing partner of Lowry Legal and a Spears 500 recommended family lawyer, gives a frank interview about the new brand, its origin, message, and mission.

The inspiration to set up Lowry Legal came during the coronavirus pandemic. During the lockdowns, like many lawyers, I suddenly found myself working at home. I was working independently and I saw that all my work came directly from contacts I had p e r sonally cultivated over the years. This was the eureka moment I needed. It helped me realise that I really could do this for myself and create something quite new and fresh in the market.

The lockdowns also provided much needed space to reflect on my career more broadly, to put things into perspective and to redefine my goals. Since embarking on the adventure of creating Lowry Legal, I’ve learned how much work is involved. It’s more than a job, it’s a way of life. The time demands involved mean I’ve had to learn new ways to balance life, family, health and friendships.

Yet the rewards for this effort and sacrifice are immense. I feel energised each day. I love being able to set the direction of the brand. It’s exhilarating to create something from the ground up and watch it develop, change and grow.

I think the key to creating a successful brand is having a clear vision and a message and then going out and promoting it. Lowry Legal has a clear message: we are tried and tested big-hitting family lawyers for the high-net-worth family. Our clients have the resources to hire the big law firms to represent them – but we are generally brought on board because of the boutique feel of the brand, our decades of experience, our no-nonsense approach and the delivery of those services in a uniquely personal and bespoke way.

One of my personal goals is to develop my reputation as a legal commentator in the media. That is an end in itself, but it obviously also gives me a platform to spread our message. Being a barrister by trade, I like to talk! Being active in the media also helps prospective clients to find us, whether they are searching online or listening to the radio

.Consistency in delivering high-quality work is crucial. Genuine care for our clients goes alongside professionalism, especially given the emotional situations we often deal with. Lowry Legal truly embodies the nature of service. We serve our clients, but also look after the needs of the people who make up the community of the firm. I think a lot of law firms pay lip service to this but don’t deliver. A happy collaborative workplace leads to better client service, better client relationships and, ultimately, better outcomes for those we act for.

Indeed, Lowry Legal is founded upon collaboration. Lowry Legal was set up in collaboration with Excello Law Ltd. Excello brings an established and excellent management, compliance, support and technological resource, which frees us up to focus more on advising our clients. We like to manage our cases in a collaborative way too. We always try to find amicable resolutions for our clients. However, we stand ready to act robustly to defend our clients’ interests when necessary.

We also believe passionately that in order to provide a full service to our clients, we must also offer to create the best team possible around them. Sometimes, clients may need a wealth manager, an IFA, an accountant, tax advisor or family therapist. We really believe that to achieve the best result, the right professionals need to be garnered in each case.

Lowry Legal is currently based at 3 Hardman Square in Spinningfields, Manchester, but strives to see clients nationally and provides the option of remote or face-to-face appointments, whatever best suits your needs. Katie is also currently joined by partner Michael Gregory, who also has many years of experience in the high-net- worth family law sphere, alongside their more junior lawyers.

If you have a family law issue of any nature, then please don’t hesitate to:

(a) give us a call on 0345 548 0585

(b) drop us an email at enquiries@lowrylegal.co.uk

(c) Or visit our website www.lowrylegal.co.uk