It’s no secret that we are a nation of takeaway lovers, and with the recent restrictions and multiple national lockdowns, we’ve had no choice but to turn to our favourite takeaways instead of meals out. But which takeaways are people searching for the most? 

1. Pizza 

2. Burger 

3. Fried Chicken 

4. Chinese 

5. Kebab 

With the likes of Rudys, Crazy Pedros, and Franco Manca on offer in Manchester, it’s no surprise that we’re such huge fans of pizza, and we’re not short of burger choices either! Pizza is clearly the most popular takeaway, with every single UK city searching for this food over any other takeaway cuisine. 

Surprisingly, Fish and Chips is one of the least popular dishes. 

And what about when it comes to Manchester’s preferred choice for delivering their takeaway? Uber Eats comes out on top as the favourite delivery service amongst the main UK cities and is also Manchester’s go-to for delivering the goods. 

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