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Once a novelty, fashion gimmick used for, sometimes questionably, cute family pictures is now a fashion trend that’s not going anywhere. The fashion it-crowds newest, most adorable member yet, MANCUB, is a stylish new collection set to kit out men and their mini-mes for seasons to come.

MANCUB is a new high-end fashion brand, which designs and produces matching, on-trend outfits for fathers and sons, uncles and nephews, godfathers and godsons, and every other ‘man’ and ‘cub’ combination.

Capitalising on the UK’s infamous passion for style, MANCUB brings the unrivalled and authentic father-son bond to life. The brand launched in May this year, and is iconic, urban, collectible, and sells clothes for men alongside identical mini versions for their ‘cubs’ from 6 months to six-years-old.

With prices ranging from £60 – £166, MANCUB have brought a certain quality and value to the products. Available to purchase is a 13-item range that includes T-shirts, shirts, jackets and trousers, all in various colours.

“The idea for MANCUB was first born on March 2017. I bumped into an old friend in Dubai, her husband and son were dressed head to toe in matching designer gear. They looked fantastic and were turning heads everywhere they went. When I returned to the UK, the only matching outfits I could find were cheesy, gimmicky and had no style or quality, this was when MANCUB was born. All pieces in this first collection are stylish, using good quality material and on -trend. My real focus has been creating quality products that look good and feel good. I started looking into white label wholesale but found that no one made what I was looking for, I then realised I would have to manufacture it myself, confirming the gap in the market. The collection is stylish, adorable and wearable, I have fallen in love with MANCUB and I know the rest of the UK will too.” – MANCUB founder, Dominique.

Available from man-cub.com



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