“Migration” is the first-ever animated film to be shown in 270° SCREENX, Exclusively at Cineworld Nationwide!

By Glossy Magazine

“Migration” is the first-ever animated film to be shown in 270° SCREENX, Exclusively at Cineworld Nationwide!

Followed by Kung Fu Panda 4, releasing in ScreenX over the Easter Holidays

Prepare for a quacking good time, as Cineworld welcomes Migration, the first-ever animated film to take flight in ScreenX; a revolutionary 270° viewing experience available only at Cineworld cinemas. 

Landing in Cineworld screens this half term, Migration is the uplifting tale of the Mallard family of ducks who embark on a life-changing migration from chilly New England to tropical Jamaica. 

ScreenX extends the main screen content with additional footage projected onto the side walls of the auditorium, surrounding viewers in their seats in a quackersome spectacle. Wonderous for both adults and young ducklings alike, the film literally wraps around you, engaging your peripheral vision and making it feel like you are soaring through the skies right alongside the Mallard family. 

With four additional projectors and strategically placed speakers for optimum sound immersion, this is no ordinary cinema experience – it’s a duck-tastic journey that’ll have you waddling out with a smile. And fear not, this next-level cinematic immersion comes at only a small uplift – a real feather in your cap!

With an exciting lineup of animation films set to hit ScreenX across school holidays throughout the year, families can look forward to a wave of immersive experiences fit for any flock. This Easter, families can summersault their way into Kung Fu Panda 4, which will also be shown in this innovative wraparound screen format. 

Migration is created by Illumination – the animation specialists behind the Despicable Me and The Super Mario Bros. blockbusters. Kumail Nanjiani, Elizabeth Banks and Awkwafina head up the all-star voice cast.


Casey Cohen, Head of Marketing at Cineworld Group, said: “It’s incredibly exciting the first ever animated film for ScreenX is coming to Cineworld. One for the whole family to enjoy – Migration promises panoramic views crafted by the very best storytellers. The thrills don’t stop there, as we have more family favourites coming to ScreenX with Kung Fu Panda 4 on hand as the ultimate Easter entertainment!”

The full list of cinemas showing the film in ScreenX is: Ashford, Barnsley, Basildon, Belfast, Brighton, Castleford, Crawley, Didsbury, Edinburgh, Hull, Hounslow, Leeds, Milton Keynes, Newcastle, Newport Spytty Park, London O2 Arena, Rushden, Sheffield, Speke, Wandsworth, Watford, Wolverhampton, York.

The action-packed comedy is also available in 4DX, a multisensory cinema format with moving chairs and wind effects perfect for young ducks looking to fly through the air with the Mallards. 

Don’t be a sitting duck, tickets for Migration in ScreenX and 4DX can be purchased today from the Cineworld website or the Cineworld app.