We discover the most sought after trainer brands of all time…

The title for the most popular sneakers on Instagram is taken by the Adidas Superstar with 4,200,000 hashtags. With a reasonable price and a design that’s easy to wear, it’s no surprise these classic shoes come top.

In second place, are the Nike Air Force 1 with 1,900,000 hashtags. Followed in third by the Adidas Ultra Boostwith 1,400,000 hashtags.

These are the most expensive Instagrammable trainers: 

With 643,000 hashtags on Instagram and the title of the sixth most Instagrammable sneakers, the Balenciaga Triple S are also the most expensive shoes on the list, at approximately £700/pair. 

The second most expensive shoes on the list are the Balenciaga Speed at approximately £600. The Balenciaga Speed sneakers are also the eighth most popular sneakers on Instagram with 196,000 hashtags.

Starting at approximately £500/pair, the Gucci Ace are the third most expensive sneakers on the list. The Gucci Ace are also the ninth most Instagrammable sneakers with 130,900 hashtags.

Which do you prefer?