Protecting your family, home and business

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Benchmark Installations

Protecting your family, home and business

Benchmark Installations

With burglary and home break-ins on the increase, you need someone to trust to protect you and your family.

That’s where Benchmark Installations, the newest addition to the group really stands out. It offers solutions that can suit all budgets, from simple alarm systems to highly sophisticated installations using the latest technology.

Already established and trusted throughout the area, Benchmark Security Group has a well-deserved reputation for protecting homes and businesses through Greater Manchester and Cheshire. It has developed an unrivalled array of products and services that ensure clients the best security and protection available. This includes live CCTV monitoring, 24-hour K9 dog patrols, alarm response, fully trained and industry-certified personnel, rapid-response cars as well as services such as intruder alarms, fire alarms and even key holding. 

Based on Ashley Road in Hale, the Benchmark Installation team has over 50 years’ experience in the business and all the relevant qualifications. Additionally, it is fully up to speed with all of the latest technology as well as the innovations that are really making a difference to home protection and security.

“We’re really proud of the work we do,” explains Tom Carr, who heads up the team. “We know that the products and service we offer provides peace of mind to families who feel insecure just because they may be in a more upmarket area. We know we make a difference to people’s lives.”

Benchmark Installations does just about everything you need: intruder alarms, CCTV access control, intercoms and fire alarms. It also offers monitored intruder alarms directly connected to their high-tech CCTV monitoring station, which is manned 24 hours a day, 52 weeks of the year. It means that intruders are seen earlier and are dealt with immediately, not only by the control room but by the rapid-response teams too. The team also works closely and has a good relationship with the police.

It is perhaps the more modern innovations that catch the eye when you talk to the team and its enthusiasm is infectious.

“Did you know that one of the latest methods we use is beams?” says Tom with a smile. “Sounds a bit science fiction, doesn’t it, but it really works.”

With these external beams, you essentially have an invisible tripwire – protecting the perimeter of your property and giving you the earliest warning of an intruder. 

“We install a transmitter on one side of a garden and a receiver on the other and when someone goes through it, it will send an alert to an app on your phone or it can trigger your CCTV and go through to the control centre,” explains Tom. “These beams are all about getting that earlier warning that somebody is in your garden.

“Clever though they are, these smart technologies need to be expertly fitted, you don’t want your alarm going off every time somebody walks past your garden, do you?”

This is just one of the examples of how Benchmark Installations is using modern WiFi technology to defeat burglars. Not only are they highly effective, but the new wireless systems are usually far easier to install and connect.

“The wireless products are easier to install as you don’t have to dig gardens up!” Tom assures us. “In most cases, they probably take a couple of hours to install and then they are up and running, interlinking with our Texecom alarm products. Obviously no two homes are the same and larger properties will take a little longer, but WiFi solutions are still quicker, cheaper and less intrusive.” 

Indeed, it seems as though modern wireless technology has contributed to greater advances in home security to the extent that wire versions, which were used in the past, are now only employed in exceptional cases. 

However, one of the most popular choices is still CCTV, which can be a standalone system that you can look after yourself via an app or this can be linked to Benchmark’s CCTV monitoring centre and once again, Benchmark Installations is at the forefront of this technology.

Of course, it’s all about personal choice, but Benchmark Installations can always come up with a solution, whatever your budget. 

It’s all in a day’s work. 

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If you would like to know more, you’ll find them at 178 Ashley Road, Hale, WA15 9SF or give them a call on 0161 511 3263. Once you’ve been in touch, they will visit and assess your home. You’ll find that they are helpful and keen to talk you through the best options and budgets. Once agreed, the team will provide you with a no-obligation estimate.