Rayyan’s GB Gymnastic Success

By Glossy Magazine

Rayyan’s GB Gymnastic Success

Rayyan’s GB Gymnastic Success

Rayyan’s GB Gymnastic Success

Year 8 pupil Rayyan at The Manchester Grammar School has been chosen for the prestigious GB Foundation Squad for Gymnastics, earning a coveted spot among the Men’s Artistic National Squad in 2024.

Rayyan stands out as one of only 17 individuals selected nationwide for the MAG GBR Foundation Squad 2024. His dedication and hard work over the past 18 months have catapulted him into the ranks of high-level young gymnasts.

Rayyan spoke about his experiences in the sport: “My gymnastics journey began in reception when I joined the school gymnastics club. We did recreational play and some technical work like handstands and cartwheels. I enjoyed it, and the teacher suggested I train at a proper gym. That’s when I joined South Manchester Gymnastics Club, where I trained until about a year and a half ago. It provided a solid foundation until I moved to another club with elite gymnasts and top-notch facilities.

“In any sport, there are ups and downs, with some moments making people consider quitting more than others. However, when I look at the bigger picture, I genuinely enjoy the journey. I appreciate the effort required to improve in gymnastics, involving hard work and new skills.

“Balancing gymnastics and academics is challenging and tiring, but it’s crucial since excelling solely in gymnastics won’t take me far in life. I arrive at school at 08:00 every morning to complete homework and study for exams. This way, I can train in the evening, go to bed early, and still manage my academic responsibilities”.

Rayyan concluded: “My future ambitions revolve around pushing my limits in the sport and participating in international competitions more regularly. As long as I enjoy gymnastics, I’ll continue pursuing it, regardless of the level”.

Head of Mens at Manchester Academy of Gymnastics, Coach Will Trood, commended Rayyan’s journey, stating, “Rayyan has worked really hard to develop into a high-level younggymnast. His perseverance and dedicated work ethic have begun to show fruition in his recent selection onto the GB Foundation Squad. This is recognition by the National Coaches of how much he has improved and of the potential he has to develop even further.”

Some of Rayyan’s notable achievements include finishing 3rd All Around at the 2023 U12 English Championships, contributing to the U12 British Team’s Championships, and securing a 4th All Around position at the British National Finals. In November, he showcased his skills internationally at the Austrian Future Cup, competing against 14-year-olds at the age of 12.

Balancing his studies at MGS with over 20 hours of gymnastics training per week at Manchester Academy of Gymnastics, Rayyan aims to excel in the U14 age bracket, increase difficulty across his six competing apparatus, and represent nationally among the top 5 in his age group.

We look forward to witnessing Rayyan’s continued success on the gymnastics stage and applaud his commitment to both academics and athleticism!

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