Feeling fabulously youthful needn’t mean changing your appearance. Discover how the Re-enhance Clinic in Hale is using revolutionary bioidentical hormone replacement to transform lives across the region.

Renowned doctor

Dr Martin J. Kinsella MBChB, BDS, BACD is passionate about the restoration of youth and, such is his exceptional reputation, was recently invited to act as an elite resident doctor at Harrods, the world’s most famous department store. But it’s not only his cosmetic treatments that are much admired, his clinic’s bespoke blood profiling and hormone replacement services are rapidly growing in popularity too.

An empathetic service

Hormone depletion impacts massively on wellbeing, and restoring them to natural, more youthful levels using bioidentical hormones is something qualified doctor and dentist Martin has studied extensively.

“During your first consultation, Re-enhance will listen to your concerns and take a blood test. From that sample, you’ll receive a fully comprehensive, in-depth profile. We have our own General Pharmaceutical Council-registered compound pharmacy too, so we not only prescribe treatments, we make them.” – Martin Kinsella

Waiting time is minimal, since Re-enhance boast their own on-site blood testing facility, and during the second part of the consultation (included in fee), a treatment plan is drawn up.

What’s the difference?

Bioidentical hormones are incredibly popular in the US, Europe and Australia, and are considered a more natural, balanced option, explains Martin: “The main benefit is that, unlike conventional HRT, these hormones are molecularly identical and of similar proportions to those you’d produce naturally. They too are safer on a cellular level i.e. they don’t negatively stimulate other cells in the body.” Treatment, if needed, is typically administered via capsule or transdermal gel. “However, one capsule doesn’t fit all,” adds Martin, “the service we offer is fully bespoke and regular follow-ups ensure maximum efficacy.”

It’s a guy thing too

Hormone replacement is often associated with females and menopause, but men can be just as vulnerable to the effects of depletion.

“Men’s testosterone levels slowly decline between the ages of 35 and 40,” says Martin. “By their 50s, low levels can cause lethargy, low sex drive, anxiety, high blood pressure and elevated cholesterol. Some younger men are just naturally lacking in the hormone, or depletion could be the result of testicular cancer surgery. Yes, they can be treated with statins, antidepressants and Viagra, but bioidentical hormones address the actual causeand produce less side effects.”

Anti-ageing from within

“People are living 50 years beyond their reproductive life,” concludes Martin. “I think that’s fantastic, but it’s unnatural! Hormone depletion can lead to serious illness as we age, so it’s my aim to improve quality of life long-term. Hormone replacement, coupled with exercise and a healthy diet, can help you look and feel fabulous at any age.”

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