It appears that an unusual mushroom that Kim Kardashian West supposedly uses as part of her beauty regime could actually help us look and feel younger.

It’s not often scientists agree with celebrities when it comes to health and beauty claims, but in the instance of an unusual mushroom called ‘reishi’ is appears they might…

Reishi mushrooms are an unusual fungi that has been revered in Japan for thousands of years, where they were traditionally eaten by Emperors for their supposed ability to help increase life span. More recently Kim Kardashian has been reported as claiming that she loves using reishi facial peels to keep her skin look taught, smooth and glowing.

It now seems, according to a recently published scientific paper, that Kim could be on to something and that this magic mushroom may indeed help you look and feel younger.

Scientists looked at a whole raft of studies that have been carried out on extracts from reishi mushrooms and found they appear to have a number of potential anti-aging benefits, including helping protect the brain (by reducing the death of brain cells called neurons), having various different anti-oxidant activities (anti-oxidants help fight oxygen free radicals, the main culprits thought to be behind aging skin) and even extending life span in various animals by helping with the efficiency by which our cells produce energy.

The researchers surmised: “In conclusion, a variety of Ganoderma lucidum (reishi) extracts have definite anti-aging properties and they exert their anti-aging effects mainly through anti-oxidation, immunomodulation and anti-neurodegeneration.”

The easiest way to get reishi in your life

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