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Salford gin makers SIS4ERS Distillery is launching its first range of gin and tonic pre-mixed cocktail cans.

Available in two flavours, the collection will include the SIS4ERS Signature gin and Indian tonic, and a SIS4ERS Strawberry gin with elderflower tonic.

The cans bring to life the beautiful blend of carefully selected botanicals that give SIS4ERS gins their sophisticated taste. The smoothness of the gins derives from the long-distillation and vapour infusion process, ensuring full-bodied flavours in every can.

Best served chilled, the gins will be mixed with tonics and are the perfect ‘single’ measure. The cans will be available in 250 ml cans from the distillery’s web shop.

This year the pre-mix cocktail market has seen growth due to covid spending, currently it is the second largest category in alcohol after single spirits.

The sisters believe the cans will be a nice ‘ready-to-drink’ treat for shoppers looking for a lockdown or curfew tipple to have ready in the fridge. The distillery is also exploring opportunities to work with gig and theatre venues on the sale of the cans when events return next Spring.

“We are really excited to introduce our cans to the web shop and retailers, it is a great way for people to try our gins and purchase as a single serve. We know as people head into winter, they are looking to have more of their favourite drinks stocked up in the cupboards or fridge, so it’s a great opportunity for us to raise the profile of our brand.” – Lucy McAvoy, Sales and Marketing Director for SIS4ERS Distillery

Born and bred in the heart of Salford, ‘McAvoy sisters’ Kerry Collins, Hayley Robinson, Kate Haslam, and Lucy McAvoy first launched SIS4ERS Distillery in 2018.

Today the gin makers produce a range of six delicious flavoured gins, available from the web shop. Last month SIS4ERS launched a limited edition ‘curfew’ peach gin called ‘Home at 10’



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