, the online platform for independent boutiques, has revealed new data for the festive period, revealing Sheffield’s shoppers to have the nation’s most luxurious tastes in the UK, with their average Christmas gift lists hitting a whopping £588. Meanwhile, Londoners’ aspirations remain more modest, with their wish lists averaging £308, a remarkable 52% lower than the top of the list.

With data compiled from Trouva’s own customers’ Christmas wish lists – created over September to November – the figures show Belfast ranking a close second, with shoppers adding items that would see loved ones coughing up an average £420 for the full list. Mancunian shoppers are also revealed to have high hopes for presents under the tree this year, coming in third place with their lists worth an average £316.

Seemingly, Bristol avoids the potential Christmas wish list spending frenzy as it takes the lowest spot (10th) at an average cost of £39 for their full basket – equating to just under 7% of what Sheffield shoppers covet this year. Also keeping their wish lists realistic are Nottingham (9th) and Birmingham (8th), with their baskets coming to a mere £79 and £80 respectively.

Nationally, the most popular category is indoor plants and accessories, with 5% of Trouva’s customers adding indoor foliage and plant accessories to their list. The top item to be “wish-listed” is the String Of Pearls House Plant, with 200 customers hoping to receive it this Christmas.

The data also reveals which products different regions are setting their hearts on most:

Those in chilly Edinburgh can’t get enough of blankets and throws which are coming high on wish lists for the festive season.

Fun-loving Mancunians top the chart for drinkware products, with bar apparels such as the Hammered Copper Cocktail Shaker and the Zyliss 4 In 1 Wine Tool among the most-wanted item for those living in the northern city.

Those in the university city of Cambridge are all about art – with items such as the Dowse Amazon Botanical Art Print and Native State Monstera Leaf A3 Print coming top of their most lusted-after items.

If you’re buying for someone in Liverpool this year, make sure you stick to stationary: Liverpudlians are all about luxe pads, pens and general stationary goodies, with the Hardback Black Copper Notebook and Midori Dog Paper Clips topping the charts.

Glasgow tops the charts on kitchen and cooking items – with the Dassie Marble and Mango Wood Chopping Board among the items that are most put on people wish lists in the Scottish city.

Residents of Leicester also have a soft spot for soft furnishings, with cushions at the top of their must-have items, such as the Care By Me In The Mood Cushion.

Buying for a friend in Leeds? The northern city’s wish list ranks highest for food and drink, with Rose Lemon Turkish Delight and Milk Chocolate Matches topping their most-wanted lists.

Family in Birmingham? You won’t go wrong with a necklace – the city tops the chart in putting necklaces on their wish list. The Custom-Made Mizar Necklace and Dowse Mini Geo Necklace are among the most popular.

In Newcastle and struggling for a secret Santa present? Go for a vase: the city loves them, with this small copper planter and the Serax white porcelain paper bag vase particularly high on wish lists.

“It’s so interesting to already be able to see what Brits are yearning for this Christmas and which regions are setting their hearts on the more expensive items. Through our network of independent bricks-and-mortar boutiques, we’re fortunate enough to be able to cater for all tastes – whether at premium or lower price points – and it’s incredibly encouraging to see so many people looking to shop independent via this year.” – Lucy Ward, Creative Brand Director at Trouva

Trouva’s aspirational cities data takes into account 15,000 people nationally who have already used Trouva’s wish list tool to get ready for Christmas.