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Hello all, it feels so wonderful that spring is in the air!

It’s not only apparent in nature and the weather but with the interior side of things too. Beautiful pastel colours are appearing more, and garden furniture, cushions and greenery seem to be the flavour, I think we’re all ready for the new season and here at Cheshire Property Staging we are embracing the boost in energy that surrounds us!

Current projects

We are currently well underway with a fabulous whole family home interior design project in Macclesfield. As with every project, the most challenging aspect is managing all of the different trades involved. Luckily, I know all of my trades so well and trust them whole- heartedly to get the job done to an excellent standard. This week beautiful Italian tiles are being laid and the next big task will be a bespoke media wall section, which we designed and showcased on a CGI. It’s going to
be phenomenal.

builders builders

Home staging

We’ve just completed a light renovation for a lady looking to sell after her mother had to leave the house to go into a care home. Her daughter knows how hot the market is and very wisely thought that, even though the house would sell easily, if she invested an amount to enhance and then stage, she’d not only get her investment back but make a healthy profit too, enabling her mother to live very comfortably moving forward. Values have come in 15% over what she would have got without making the enhancements. Such a great result!

New online design service

As our social media following has grown, as have the requests for us to complete projects further afield. You receive online consultations with us, full to-scale room layouts, mood boards, joinery designs and a full breakdown on the colours, wall coverings, flooring as well as links to every piece of furniture and styling item. Reaching more people and helping them create a home they love is a concept that really resonates with our business.

If you’d like to learn more, head over to the online services section of our website, cheshirepropertystaging.co.uk

Follow us on Instagram to keep up to date with our projects and to access all the behind-the-scenes action and lots of valuable information and advice! @cheshirepropertystaging

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