Sterling de Zuk. Providing a fresh, new approach to divorce.

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Sterling de Zuk featured

Sterling de Zuk. Providing a fresh, new approach to divorce.

Sterling de Zuk featured

Sterling de Zuk is a niche, highly skilled legal practice located in prestigious offices in Wilmslow, providing excellence in terms of delivery of expert legal advice and client care but at a reasonable cost.

Eye-watering, rip-off monthly bills are a thing of the past with Sterling de Zuk. A quotation is provided for the work that needs to be done so that a client is fully aware of the legal charges. No surprises.

Searching for a divorce lawyer is both time-consuming, stressful and tiring. Ensuring you find one that will represent your needs and protect your assets simultaneously can be an arduous task at an emotional and challenging time in your life.

Wilmslow-based Mark Thomson was inspired to take matters into his own hands and decided to launch Sterling de Zuk, a new kind of law practice, after feeling frustrated and let down by his own experience of a painful divorce.

On a mission to stamp out the atrocious customer service and overly expensive bills that divorce lawyers are renowned for, Sterling de Zuk – with its boutique and tailor-made legal services – offers a refreshingly different experience for individuals looking for a divorce lawyer. 

“With Sterling de Zuk, we aim to empower clients, not cause more stress in their lives,” explains Mark. “We’re all about helping to secure their financial future and guiding them through this tricky stage of life to a better, happier time. We’re the trusted, powerful voice that people have been looking for when hunting for a divorce lawyer. I am living proof that life can and will get better post-divorce.” 

Sterling de Zuk opened its first offices in Wilmslow in October 2023 and already has plans in place for opening a second in London in early 2024. The growing team of experienced and caring principal lawyers walk with clients every step of the way through the divorce journey to a brighter tomorrow.  

As Mark found out for himself, all too often divorce lawyers are aggressive and can even be condescending to clients. “The Sterling de Zuk team is on hand to assist our clients through this emotional and distressing time. We lead them through all loops and holes, the confusion and all the difficulties they may experience as they navigate this process. We help them adjust to this stage of their life; get through it stronger and in one piece and come out the other side happier,” Mark continues. 

Divorce can be complicated, expensive and overwhelming, from the early days of approaching separation and all the issues relating to it. Clients need to know where they stand financially so they can move on. Once a decision is made by a client to divorce or the client may have received a solicitor’s letter, Sterling de Zuk will be quickly on the client’s case to sort matters out as soon as possible at the lowest cost.

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Looking ahead and starting to put a plan in place is the very first step to a new, happier life. When instructing Sterling de Zuk, a client will immediately sense they are in very good hands and have made the right choice.

“In my case and sadly, in the experiences of far too many friends and colleagues, even the tone of voice used in correspondences from divorce lawyers can be aggressive and, at times, upsetting,” reveals Mark. “This can then evoke fear in people and make them feel the need to fight back. There really is no need to work in this manner. Divorce can happen to anyone and when it does, it feels like your life is falling apart around you and you’ll never be happy again. But things will get better and you will laugh again and even have a happy relationship.

“Yes, the experience is hard and many people come out the other end feeling bashed and bruised. In my opinion, it’s the lawyer’s job to help clients through this and make things easier whenever they can.”

Many clients from across Cheshire, including the ‘Golden Triangle’ area of Alderley Edge, Prestbury and Wilmslow, together with Hale, Hale Barns, Bowdon and Bramhall are choosing Sterling de Zuk in their divorce.

When contacting Sterling de Zuk, a client will speak to the lawyer who will handle their case from day one. The lawyer will be an experienced principal lawyer and not a junior member of staff. The first meeting is FREE. Following the initial meeting, a case plan is drafted and agreed with the client. It is also costed, so there is full transparency regarding legal fees. All calls or emails are responded to by the end of the working day, even if it is just to book a call in for the following day. A client will never be kept waiting for a response. 

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