Summer is the season for weddings

By Glossy Magazine

Summer is the season for weddings

Summer is the season for weddings

Summer is the season for weddings

Summer is the season for weddings and for those invited to a wedding abroad this year, you may be wondering, what should I wear? Weddings alone are a complicated event to dress for, with various dress codes and dress rules for women, it can be hard to find the perfect look. Add the heat of a warm country and the challenges of packing a suitcase, weddings abroad can be even harder to style a look for. But fret not, this guide provides some top tips and style inspiration for your upcoming wedding abroad style.

Consider colour and fabrics

One thing to consider when attending a wedding, whether abroad or not, is to choose the right colour of dress. While white is certainly a no-go, other rules apply. For example, red is often avoided by wedding guests as it tends to come attached with a well-known stigma when worn to a wedding (best to avoid). Moreover, other hues such as light yellows and rather pale shades such as creams are also recommended to avoid since they don’t always photograph well and can often show as white in photographs.

If you want to ensure you avoid any wedding guest mishaps, we recommend steering clear of the aforementioned colours and hues and sticking to bolder colours or those much further away from the classic white or cream.

For weddings abroad you will also have to consider the environment and climate. If the lucky couple plans to celebrate in a warmer country, which is so often the case to guarantee some sunshine, then your choice of fabric will play a big role in your comfort and appearance on the day. Hotter countries often require a lighter fabric which is breathable and far more enjoyable to wear in 25 degrees plus! We recommend fabrics such as linen, cotton, silk or chiffon.

Timeless maxi dresses

Attending a wedding abroad in summer 2024 provides plenty of fun trends and wedding guest style to choose from. Currently, plenty of luxury designers are embracing simpler styles, introducing form fitting and carefully crafted maxi dresses in a range of colours. From bold colours to floral prints and lighter shades, this style of maxi dress in a comfortable fabric, provides an easy look to match with a pair of trusty heels and a simple clutch for a timeless and classic wedding guest look. Not only will this provide you a classic look that will remain stylish for years to come, you can wear this style of maxi dress for other occasions in the future.

Formal mini dresses

While a mini dress is often better associated with parties and going out, a formal take on the traditional mini dress is an excellent choice for a wedding abroad. With the shorter hem line, you will certainly be able to keep cool in the heat of the destination, while the material, colour and cut can determine the formality of your look. We suggest keeping the dress simple, with a well-made cut that provides a comfortable fit for eating and dancing.

Blazers and shorts co-ord

Not your traditional wedding guest attire, for a warm country a smart shorts and blazer combination can actually be dressed up to create an incredibly formal and wedding-appropriate look. With the right heels, accessories and finishing touches a co-ord is perfect for making sure you look smart for the wedding ceremony but also comfortable and cool from the heat throughout the day and into the night. Ideal for ensuring you can dance all night long.