Ten ways to style a romper for any occasion

By Glossy Magazine

Ten ways to style a romper for any occasion

Ten ways to style a romper for any occasion

Ten ways to style a romper for any occasion

Throughout the years, rompers have come and gone in fashion, however they’ve always made a return and this year is no different, and with ever changing fashion trends, it’s good to know what to expect and what trends to look out for. Staying ahead of the game allows you to always be in with the latest fashion trends and ensures no outfits are left to chance.

One key factor to being fashion ready for any occasion is ensuring one outfit can be altered to fit any occasion, and rompers are a great example for that. In this article we’ll be going over ten ways you use a stylish romper for any occasion.

Classic black romper

Classic doesn’t always mean basic, and with the classic black romper, this is definitely the case. Featuring a plain black romper, with black socks and black sandals with your choice of accessories and bag, this is sure to be a go-to outfit for many occasions.

Relaxed denim and trainers

Going for a city break or just heading into town to run some errands? There’s no better outfit than relaxed denim and trainers. With your romper, choice of bag and any trainers, you really can’t go wrong. If you’re on a city break just make sure you’re wearing comfortable trainers!

Florals and boots

What better outfit to wear to drinks in the sun than a floral romper and boots. You can either wear knee high boots or some chunkier sandals if you prefer, the choice is yours!

Relaxed with a bright twist

A slightly different take on a romper, this style sees you wear a plain romper and style it with bright bold accessories such as bright shoes or jewellery. A different take on a romper but one that will definitely turn some heads easily and remain comfortable.

Gingham with matching headscarf

Want that classic 80’s picnic look? Then this one’s for you. Featuring some nice classic white shoes with some oversized sunglasses and you’re good to go. Get ready to be sat down in the sun on a blanket!

Blazer and belt

A more formal attire, wearing a romper with a blazer and a belt really gives that here for business vibe. Combine this with some chunky boots and smart jewellery, you’re ready to go and boss the business world.

Smart and low-cut v

For the more formal occasions, a romper with a low-cut v will be sure to gather attention. Partner this with some nice shoes and some smart jewellery and you’re onto a winner.

Fitted denim and sandals

Practically able to be worn anywhere and anytime for any occasion, a fitted denim romper with sandals and a nice denim bag is a perfect summer evening outfit whilst on a holiday away in the sun.


A complete switch from what we’ve reviewed, the sports style allows you to be hitting the gym or yoga and midday drinks in the same outfit. This allows you to spend less time changing and more time getting work in the gym done. It is also worth noting the popular trend of wearing sportwear in your downtime due to how comfortable they are. Many people are also dressing their sportswear romper up with a simple blazer and high rocks.

Boots and a coat

For the not so nice weather, boots and a large coat paired with a romper is the way to go. With this outfit, you’re able to go out even in the worst of the winter weather, when you’re inside you can still be in your fabulous romper.

Rompers are a key part of this year’s wardrobe and they’re clearly here to stay. They’re a perfect addition as they’re versatile and available for any occasion. If you need something you can change up, alter, and fit for numerous different events, then a romper is something you need to have a few of in your wardrobe.

After reading the above examples, which ones are you going to be trying first?