The 4 steps to a happy relationship

By Glossy Magazine

The 4 steps to a happy relationship. Couple kissing.

The 4 steps to a happy relationship

The 4 steps to a happy relationship. Couple kissing.

Building a loving and lasting relationship is sometimes easier said than done. Relationships often involve a lot of conflict and compromise, but by listening to your partner and being supportive of their needs, you’re building the foundations of a stronger, healthier relationship.

Showing your partner they matter is also a key part of being a good partner yourself. So, whether you’re planning on treating them for Christmas or Valentine’s Day or if you simply want to understand how to express your love, here are a few pointers.

Treating each other is important

All happy relationships require a bit of push and pull. Sometimes one partner is having a tougher time than the other, in which case they should be handled with respect, honesty, and compassion. You will see each other through your best and your worst. 

Go out of your way to make them feel valued by treating them occasionally. This will reflect your deep affection and reiterate how you want to be your best for them every day. 

Love languages

Everyone has a different love language. This means that each individual expresses love in their own way, be that through words of affirmation, gifts, physical touch, devotion, or quality time. However, if your love language does not align with your partner’s (or vice versa), it is likely that that other will not feel loved because they don’t interpret your actions as expressions of love. 

Therefore, it is important to incorporate your partner’s love language into your repertoire. If they are partial to gifts but you don’t really care for them, buy them a small present anyway! And if they’d rather have a cuddle than have you clean the whole house, put the mop away! 

Organise surprises

If you’ve been together for many years and are run to the ground by work and kids, there can be little time for spontaneity. This can lead to the relationship getting very stale or even boring. However, making the effort to plan an incredible surprise will put fire back into the engines and remind you both why you fell in love with each other in the first place.

A surprise could be anything from a takeaway supper so you get the night off cooking, buying them a special something they wouldn’t buy for themselves, or even whisking them off on a holiday. Make the most of Easyjet discount codes if you’re working in the NHS, pack your bags, leave the mundane everyday behind and enjoy some quality time together.

Put in the effort

When all else fails, the fact that you’re putting in effort to strengthen your relationship is an encouraging sign for you and your partner. After all, all relationships need maintenance!