The Ethical Traveler’s Guide. Applying the Leave No Trace Principle to Your Adventures

By Glossy Magazine

The Ethical Traveler's Guide: Applying the Leave No Trace Principle to Your Adventures

The Ethical Traveler’s Guide. Applying the Leave No Trace Principle to Your Adventures

The Ethical Traveler's Guide: Applying the Leave No Trace Principle to Your Adventures

Who doesn’t love to travel? It allows you to meet other people, enjoy the scenery, and explore the world around you!

But you can’t deny that tourism and travelling has brought problems to tourist spots. After all, many tourists run wild, leaving trash everywhere and disrupting a spot’s biodiversity.

This is why we should be responsible tourists.

But how?

Simple, by leaving no trace during your travels! This way, you can go on endless adventures while still becoming environmentally responsible!

What’s the Leave No Trace Principle?

You might’ve heard of LNT, but what exactly is it?

These are principles that guide you to minimise your impact on nature during your travels. LNT Principles emphasise on practises that protect the environment, wildlife, and cultural heritage.

In short, these principles will help you preserve nature’s beauty for many generations!

Tips to become an ethical traveller

Now that you know what LNT principles are, what’s next?

How can you apply these principles to your adventures? Here’s our tips on how you can be a responsible traveller without sacrificing your enjoyment!

It’s all about planning ahead

What’s the first thing before you hop on a plane and explore the world? It’s planning, of course!

And when you’re planning your trip, you should consider researching your destination’s environmental regulations, permits, and seasonal considerations. If you’re unsure of what to research, you can always go to a law firm specialising in environmental law for guidance!

Camp on durable surfaces

Did you know that many explorers tend to go off-trail? And it can lead to accidents and even crimes!

So, you should always stick to established trails and campsites. Not only can you ensure your safety, but doing so can also prevent soil erosion and habitat destruction, and prevent any possible legal repercussions!

Dispose your trash properly

You’re probably tempted to throw your candy wrapper on the road. But before you do that, you should know that a little wrapper can accumulate into a huge pile of trash!

So, why not throw your garbage properly? You should follow regulations on waste disposal, even if it’s only a napkin from your bathroom break!

Leave what you find

Collecting bits and pieces of nature from your adventures might be exciting, but it’s a no-no if you’re an ethical traveller. After all, it can disrupt the biodiversity in the place you’re visiting!

So, you should always leave natural and cultural features untouched, whether it’s rocks, plants, or artefacts. Plus, it can help you avoid legal consequences especially if you’re visiting a protected area!

Always respect wildlife

It’s exciting when you spot wildlife during your adventures, but you should observe them responsibly!

You shouldn’t disturb nor feed wildlife when you encounter them. After all, you’ll disrupt their natural habitat, and you might face legal charges! So, be a part of change and help protect wildlife by following the law!

Respect your fellow adventurers

You can’t deny that you aren’t the only one on an adventure. So, you should always be considerate of others!

You should keep your noise levels down, and maintain a friendly attitude all the time. Who knows, you might gain travel buddies for your next adventure!

Exploring the world gives us a thrill like no other. However, you should always do it responsibly. After all, we only have one planet, and billions of us! By becoming a responsible adventurer, you can ensure many people can see the beauty of nature in many years to come!