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New professional network, The Female Hospitality Network launched this month with the aim to offer a positive and supportive community for women across all job roles within the hospitality and events industry.

The official launch, and first event hosted by the network was on Wednesday 10 October at Menagerie in Spinningfields, Manchester.

The network is open to all women in and connected to the hospitality sector, the group welcome chefs, general managers, sales executives, bar supervisors , housekeeping and all those keen to get involved from restaurants, bars, hotels and event spaces. The FHN plan to offer training events, workshops, panel events and great networking at top venues across Manchester, Leeds, Liverpool, Chester and there is a  vision of 20 cities by 2020.

The vision of the network is to bridge current gaps surrounding  training and development and also a lack of confidence from women who aspire to grow their careers, the FHN will be here for those, creating a community that provide positivity and support on physical health, mental health, and general wellness. The network aims to empower, support and connect like-minded females when challenges arise.

There is currently a gender gap within the industry, not an issue with diversity in the traditional aspect as hospitality, travel and leisure have no problem in attracting females but it is clear that women are represented in junior and middle management roles and a gap emerges in the gender balance of middle management roles upwards. 

“Over the years speaking with many different types of women, I believe it is so important to use the voice they have to their advantage and the advantage of others. I want people to share stories and not be afraid to ask for more in their roles and challenge those in higher positions. I started the network based on the passion I have for hospitality and to help facilitate connecting females and concentrate on wellness and confidence in the industry.” – ​Abbie Hart, Founder of the network and Managing Director of Boutique Hospitality Recruitment

Founder Abbie, also wants to be clear that this isn’t a ‘No males allowed’ platform, she believes it is very important to also include men in these discussions. Upcoming panel events will focus on ‘Challenging Perceptions with the 50/50’ where male and female figures in organisations will vocalise their opinions, and we hope to gain the support of males within the industry.  

The venue and sponsor for the launch was Menagerie Restaurant and Bar, owned by Karina Jadhav, who is the North West’s youngest independent female Restaurant Operator & Owner. Having support and the backing from Karina is a great way to get the network started, and she is very passionate about sharing her journey and supporting females in business.

To find out more about The Female Hospitality Network, visit their website or join the conversation on Twitter, LinkedIn or Instagram.



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