The Holistic Divorce

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Lund Bennett

The Holistic Divorce

Lund Bennett

How Lund Bennett is limiting the damage caused by marriage breakdowns using a uniquely human approach.

Family law firm Lund Bennett’s ‘holistic’ approach to divorce goes above and beyond simply ticking legal-duty boxes.

Enlisting the expertise of a trusted platform of professionals, the approach considers the physical, mental and emotional wellbeing of all parties, particularly children, and encapsulates the ‘human touch’ ethos the firm lives by.

The construction of a strong multi-disciplinary circle around the family means divorce can become kinder and the journey focussed on personal growth and achieving positive futures as opposed to being filled with devastation, anger and extreme emotion. 

“A divorce is akin to a bereavement,” says Lund Bennett Partner Kirsten Bennett, “and as such, clients need a compassionate ‘family’ of professionals protecting and nurturing their welfare and wellbeing. Yes, delivering our gold-standard services to achieve the best legal outcomes for our clients is important, but more than that, we want to help them navigate the process as positively as possible and help them to flourish in their new post-divorce life and even learn to love again.”

Compromise and conflict reduction lay at the heart of the holistic approach. It’s an approach likely to strengthen parent-child relationships and give children a more positive outlook on their own future.

Here, we look at Lund Bennett’s network of professionals and their services. As a client of Lund Bennett, you will be entitled to a free consultation with any of them, helping you and your family find the right fit.

The divorce coach – providing clarity and the confidence to face the future

This professional service will help you clarify your goals, interests and needs. A trusted coach will help you navigate external factors, freeing you up to focus on the practicalities and a clear way forward. In maximising the efficiency and progress of the divorce process, this six-week course will not only save on legal costs and time but provide you with a new-found confidence, tried and tested coping techniques, and a clear view of a brighter future.

Child-centred therapy – priceless support tailored to your family

The psychological impact of divorce can be extremely difficult for both parents and children. These professional therapy services take an ‘integrated’ approach (i.e. picks and mixes elements from different disciplines to best explore and cope with problems) and focus on the child/children. This highly tailored therapy allows children the opportunity to express themselves, develop stronger, more positive relationships with both parents and make sense of the changes happening in their lives.

The independent financial advisor – personalised, real-world money solutions

As family law solicitors, Lund Bennett will be laser-focussed on obtaining you the best legal outcome on your case. However, if desired, they can connect you to expert financial advisors (specialising in divorce planning and financial settlements), who can take a close look at the life-long financial implications of decisions made and how they will work in the real world; think the most tax-efficient ways to divide assets or how best to invest the proceeds of a settlement.

The dating agency – for a time when the heart has healed 

Lund Bennett hopes, in time, you’ll be able to confidently face and embrace a new life with a new companion by your side. The firm has a trusted and well-established professional relationship with a dating service whose coaches are dedicated to helping you find love once more. Dating again, especially when faced with the endless number of dating apps available, can feel like scary, alien territory. This experienced service will be on hand to guide you into a new chapter, armed with knowing exactly what you’re looking (or not looking) for in a relationship.

In conclusion, Lund Bennett’s holistic approach is here to take care of you and your family emotionally and financially, both in the here and now and a long way into the future.

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