The importance of body and hearing check-ups: Take control of your health in 2024

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The importance of body and hearing check-ups

The importance of body and hearing check-ups: Take control of your health in 2024

The importance of body and hearing check-ups

Make 2024 the year that you prioritise your health and wellbeing. At Private GP Extra, in partnership with Hearing + Wellness, our private health check-ups are the best way to ensure that everything is working as it should, from your heart to your hearing, and give you the opportunity to transform your quality of life. 

Private GP Extra Health Screening Medical 

Annual Body Check-up (ABC)

Making time for your health is so important and our assessments take up little of your time, around 60 minutes. We can tailor our health checks to look at particular concerns you may have, giving you a thorough screening and peace of mind. This means we can identify issues before they become a problem and early in their process, so any treatment is easier. Helping you to live a longer, healthier life.

What is included in an ABC:

  • Discussion of any health concerns with your highly experienced doctor 
  • Comprehensive physical examination – a range of tests are conducted with the medical including: blood, urine, stool and cardiac screening 
  • Advice on the most important steps that need to be taken to improve your health and when you should notice an improvement 
  • Organisation of any investigations and/or referrals, if needed
  • You’ll be given a full report of your assessment, including results.

Please call 0161 428 4464 to book your Annual Body Check-up today. 

Hearing Health Checks

Annual hearing health screening

Hearing and Wellness consultation

Hearing checks are equally as important as seeing a dentist, optician or GP, as hearing loss affects one in five adults in the UK and as it happens slowly, you may not even notice. At Hearing + Wellness in Hale, we can help you to manage your hearing health with the following services:

  • Free annual 15-minute Hearing Health Checks allow us to understand your current hearing levels; with subsequent annual checks monitoring any changes. Book yours today by quoting Glossy 10
  • Should it be needed, ear wax removal is £50* for one ear and £70* for two ears
  • If required, a full hearing test is free of charge and includes a demonstration of the very latest hearing systems. They are designed to be discreet and include Bluetooth connectivity to your mobile phone and rechargeable batteries.

Untreated hearing loss can lead to emotional distress, depression and increases the risk of loneliness. Hearing loss can increase the risk of dementia, but evidence also suggests that hearing aids may reduce these risks.

Please call 0161 928 5900 to book your FREE Hearing Health Check today.

*One FREE ear wax removal appointment for newly registered customers aged 65 or over. Offer available until 31st December 2024. Book yours today by quoting Glossy 20

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