The most common resolutions to kick off the New Year

By Glossy Magazine

The most common resolutions to kick off the New Year

The most common resolutions to kick off the New Year

The most common resolutions to kick off the New Year

It’s that time of year again when people stride into their everyday lives with a new sense of purpose and a resolution that they hope will bring them one step closer to self-improvement.

Of course, there are some resolutions that feature more than others. It’s no coincidence that gym memberships go through the roof just after everyone has indulged in Christmassy food and drink. But aside from the usual health kick, there are other popular resolutions that might inspire you if you haven’t decided on your own resolution yet.

Get healthier

Probably the most popular resolution to start off every year, lots of people take the new year as their cue to transform their lives with a much-needed health kick. Getting healthier can mean different things to different people, of course. For some it might mean cutting out fatty food and for others it might look like a new exercise regime.

Others might want to address their alcohol consumption. Dry January is just one of the initiatives to help people decrease the amount they drink, encouraging them to replace alcohol with alternatives like water, juices or revitalising green tea.

Find a new hobby

With winter stretching before us for still a couple more months, many of us will be wondering how to pass the time and how to keep up a social life during the darker months. Taking up a new hobby is a great way to met new people outside of work and have a bit of fun.

When deciding which hobby you’d like to try, think about what you like doing in your spare time. Maybe you’d prefer something artsy that keeps you out of the cold in a warm studio. Maybe you want to blow away the cobwebs and get yourself into the brisk air for an exercise class. Maybe you’d like to improve an existing skill, in which a cooking or language class is a great idea.

Improve your finances

After all the expense of Christmas, many of us will have baulked at our bank balances on January 1st. It therefore comes as no surprise that some people want to improve their finances, perhaps invest their money, or resolve to budget more efficiently.

Some of you might also want to save for a big investment that you want to make in the new year, in which case it’s a good idea to create a finance plan for the whole year to keep you on track.

Stop a bad habit

Who else has heard their mate vow to quit smoking at 3am on the 1st January? ‘New year new me’ has people promising to cut out bad habits, making it another popular resolution that is worth thinking about.