If you struggle to stay motivated and know too well how quickly you tend to throw in the towel, it’s time to rethink your standard fitness routine.

Research carried out by the UK’s largest activity platform, MoveGB, has revealed that individuals who visit multiple venues to exercise are four times more likely to be active six months after joining than those who visit single gym venues.

“The average single venue fitness customer cancels their memberships around 3 months after joining.” – MoveGB’s founder, Alister Rollins

Alister’s previous business (the fitness industry’s leading data analytics provider) provided the detailed insight into consumer behaviour upon which MoveGB was founded. Passionate about facilitating life-long health and wellbeing, Alister adds: “I was lucky that my previous business gave me a great insight into how to solve the problem of high drop out rates.”

MoveGB is the fitness industries answer to increasing consumer demand for personalised and varied lifestyle choices. Inspired by successful content platforms such as Netflix and Spotify, Move offers unlimited and on-demand access to physical activity. The first-of-its-kind, users of the platform enjoy completely unrestricted use of multi-club gyms, boutique studios, and independent trainers.

Since its launch in 2011, MoveGB has expanded out of its home city of Bristol to appeal to a nationwide reach. With over 300,000 users and more than 6,000 fitness providers nationwide, the platform is changing the way that Britain moves.

And it’s not only the consumers that are benefitting from this new style of ‘every activity’ membership. By uniting the industry so that fitness providers can work in collaboration, the brand believe that everyone wins.

“Through MoveGB we are able to empower independent trainers who, due to the current models in the industry, struggle to maintain a successful business.” – Alister Rollins 

So with the new year approaching, it’s a great time to rethink and establish positive fitness and wellbeing habits. Here’s 5 awesome workouts you should definitely check out this January, and they’re all accessible under one monthly MoveGB membership. And the clincher: you can sign up for their new Discovery Membership which will give you a wide taste of the fitness options available across Manchester for only £1 per week.

The innovative Discovery Membership is designed to help you explore the fitness convenient to you, and although it’s limited access (available activities are marked with a green ‘discover’ tag on the website), you can upgrade to a full membership at any time! The most popular plan in Manchester is £10.99 per week.

No joining fee, expiration date, or automatic upgrades, and the membership can be cancelled at any time. It’s a win win fitness solution.

Hot Yoga

MoveGB recommends: Evolve Hot Yoga, BL8 2SL

Whether it’s your first time trying yoga or you’re an experienced practitioner, at Evolve Yoga you will always be made to feel very welcome. The studio is Manchester’s premier hot yoga venue, offering a plethora of amazing benefits from practicing in the 37 degrees heat, from improved flexibility to deeper breathing and improved cardiovascular capabilities.


MoveGB recommends: 15Fitness, OL8 2PF

A fun and energetic way to exercise, combining Boxercise with standing Pilates in a unique dance fitness blend that’s  guaranteed to blast those calories, give you a full body workout and make you feel amazing! Be as tough as a boxer with all the grace of a ballerina, this is one workout you should try at least once!

Rock Climbing

MoveGB recommends: Rock Over Climbing, M3 1LN

Try your hand at rock climbing! A fantastic way to condition and strengthen your upper body, and engage the mind with strategic thinking to get to the top. Hit up Rock Over Climbing. Try climbing with ropes or be daring and go bouldering. After the introduction class, you’ll be able to drop in anytime and climb till your heart’s content.


MoveGB recommends: Spinning at Y Club, M3 4JR

The spinning trend isn’t dying out anytime soon due to the huge range of benefits from hitting up regular classes. At the newly refurbished Y Club, the indoor cycle classes incorporate upbeat and motivating music to keep the energy high and the results optimal. Feel part of a team as you enjoy a workout that’s as effective as it is fun!

Swing Dance

MoveGB recommends: SwingOut Manchester at Nexus Art Cafe, M1 1JW

Join the friendly and welcoming world of Swing Dancing, lead by professional instructors at Nexus Art Cafe. With classes hosted every Thursday evening, there’s no need for a partner or specialist dance gear, just plenty  of room for fun and laughter – a great way to get moving!