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Creating the perfect red lip is a lot harder than you may first think. Not only is it important to make sure you select the right shade for you, the finish needs to be suitable and you need to be extra careful to avoid any bleeding and smudging when applying the lipstick.

Lots of makeup artists actually find the red lip more challenging than a smokey eye or winged liner! Stacey Whittaker has been on a mission to find the best products for different occasions and has narrowed it down to her top three…

Kat Von D Underage Red

The shade range is incredible and the packaging is incredible too. I created this look showcasing a classic vintage makeup with an on-trend twist. The liquid to matte lipstick was smoothed across the lips, this begins with a liquid formula and dries within around 20 seconds to a gorgeous matte finish. This finish is super long wearing and will last throughout the day into the night. This is probably one of the most hydrating liquid to matte finish lipsticks I have used which ensured the lips didn’t dry out throughout the day. In fact, the lipstick stayed in place for just over 6 hours with no touching up – amazing! This red shade with strong blue undertones will suit most skin tones and it really makes blue eyes pop whilst making your teeth look super white too. Definitely one of my favourites! 

Emani Promiscuous lipstick

This lipstick produces an ultra-balm texture, almost feeling like a highly tinted lip balm rather than a lipstick. Vitamin E is oozing from this formula which does create a soft non-drying finish. Due to the creamy finish on this it is important to line the lips to avoid any bleeding around the edges. You can also use this as a cream blush and simply apply with your fingers patting it into the skin. I love products that are multi-functional and they are always my go to for holidays to ensure you don’t have to travel with too many products.


MAC So Chaud

This is one of my all time favourites and definitely a shade that I reach for year after year. It has gorgeous orange undertones which give an intense pop of colour and is likely to compliment most skin tones. Due to the bright hue of this shade I love to wear it during the summer. Pair with minimal eye makeup, fluffy brows and natural skin with a few faux freckles and you will have a stunning, sultry look that can easily take you from day to night. With lipsticks like this I would always recommend that you use a lip liner all over your lips beforehand. This will provide a base for the lipstick to cling to and as it wears off, the lip liner will be in place to give your look longevity.





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