The Wardrobe Shrink. Women’s clothing sizes are a joke!

By Glossy Magazine

Black White Denim Wilmslow Store

The Wardrobe Shrink. Women’s clothing sizes are a joke!

Black White Denim Wilmslow Store

Buying international brands for the past 15 years has taught me that a standard size scale in women’s clothing doesn’t exist. Size small from one designer can be a medium in another. A 27” jean may fit you in one style, but you can be a 29” in a different shape from the same denim brand. It’s bloody bonkers!

Ignoring the size label is a real challenge. Just like stepping onto the scales every morning can make or break your day (if you’re that way inclined), so too can going shopping and finding that you’re not the size you thought you were.

Here are my tips to stop you stressing over clothing sizes and focus on wearing what fits and makes you feel fabulous:

1. Remember that comfort is king: Whatever you’re buying, if it’s too small, it will never be comfortable and if it’s too big, you’ll ruin the look. Choose the size that fits you in the fitting room, not the one that requires support underwear when you get home or losing a few pounds in the future.

2. Be you: Embrace your own shape and size. Everyone’s body is unique and there is no ‘ideal’. Focus on being healthy and happy rather than comparing yourself to others. It’s way more fun!


3. Look at the fit not size: Concentrate your mind on the fit of the clothing, not the size on the label. Your objective is a look that fits like a second skin. Who really cares what it says on the back label? No-one except you can see it anyway.

4. Try before you buy: Go into your local boutique and try on items before purchasing them. This is THE best way to shop and be sure you get the size that’s perfect for you.

5. Read reviews: When shopping online, look for customer reviews that offer insights into fits and whether you should consider sizing up or down.


6. Tailor your clothes to you: Don’t hesitate to get items altered. Tailoring can make a huge difference to how an outfit looks and it’s a great way to ensure your clothes fit you like a glove.


7. Remember how amazing the human body is: Be kind to yourself and remember that your worth is not determined by your size. Focus on your health, self- confidence and well-being rather than the number on a meaningless label.


It may take time to shift your thinking, but you CAN learn to prioritise how you feel in your clothes rather than getting hung up on the size. After all, fashion and shopping should be fun!

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