The Wardrobe Shrink. You cannot wear that!

By Jo Davies, Owner, Black White Denim

Jo Davies, Owner, Black White Denim

The Wardrobe Shrink. You cannot wear that!

Jo Davies, Owner, Black White Denim

I once wore pyjamas to a wedding. Everyone thought I was mad. Guess how many compliments I got? HUNDREDS!

We’ve all been told “you cannot wear that!” We hear it frequently at Black White Denim. Partners (usually husbands who don’t like shopping), siblings, kids and sometimes friends (what kind of a pal are you?) when faced with an outfit they weren’t expecting, instantly dismiss it rather than pause to consider the potential of your new look.

Ok, dress codes sometimes do apply. Cultural compliance can override fashion choices and if an item obviously doesn’t fit, one should suggest the wearer reconsiders their look. However, on occasions other than these, you can wear whatever you damn well like!

Here are some examples we consider to be wardrobe staples that do not deserve the “YCWT!” label:

Pleather leggings

Pleather Leggings

There’s no-one on this earth who cannot wear a faux-leather legging: my 78-year-old mum, my son’s 18-year-old girlfriend and everyone in between. They’re a CLASSIC! We never doubt wearing a black gym legging or black skinny jeans, so why the fuss about pleather? It’s totally not necessary, girls. Fill your wardrobe gap now!

Oversized blazer

Oversized Blazer
Oversized Blazer

Fashion dictates fits. A classic, standard-fit blazer may be de rigueur one year but not the next. Today, we’re living in the era of the over-sized masculine aesthetic, which means that your blazer has permission to be slouchy, manly and cool. Don’t overthink it. We’re talking wide shoulders, long sleeves (roll them up to show some arm candy) and a boxy silhouette. Layer your blazer over a hoodie for a Y2K vibe or go simple over a slim-fitting knit or tee for a pared-back look. 

Straight-leg jean

Straight Leg Jean

“The skinny jean is dead,” they say. We beg to differ. However, its straight-leg cousin most certainly isn’t. Straight-leg jeans (SLJs) are having a moment, so buckle in for the ride. When choosing a SLJ, there are three things to focus on. 1. Length: Go either cropped or long. Do not let them sit half-mast. 2. Rise: Mid or high-rise are best. Avoid low-rise as the proportion doesn’t work with the wider leg opening. 3. Fly: A zip fly flatters if you have a bit of a tummy, whereas a button fly looks more vintage.

Stomper boots

Stomper Boots

You don’t have a pair of chunky Chelsea boots? Where have you been hiding for the last few years? We think the chunkier, the better. Feel free, of course, to choose a sole that works for you and get stomping. As well as being very comfortable, they’re unbelievably versatile. Pair with SLJs, pleather leggings, dresses, skirts or tuck in a jogger if you’re feeling really fashiony. They take years off your look.

Dad trainer

Dad Trainer
Dad Trainer

Divisive, I know, but these will become your best footwear friend when you find the right pair. Axel Arigato is the go-to brand for fashionable but functional styles that turn heads, coming in a range of classic and colourful styles. Pair them with cheeky ankle socks and cropped SLJs to be bang on-trend or pop on with your latest activewear co-ord to be the envy of your gym buddies. Treat yourself. It’s why you work out, after all.

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