The world’s most expensive stir fry costs £437! Created by Circulon, the foodies’ favourite cooking brand, and award-winning chef Lisa Tse MBE, the opulent dish features only the finest of ingredients including Wagyu beef, rare shimej mushrooms, lobster, truffles and premium whisky.

The record-breaking Chinese Surf & Turf, is an hour and a half to prepare, has 26 ingredients and takes 30-40 minutes to cook in the Circulon Ultimum Wok, which has been designed especially for Asian cuisine.

Lisa, CEO of the Sweet Mandarin restaurant in Manchester voted by Gordon Ramsay’s ‘F Word’ as the best local Chinese in the UK, came up with the mouth-watering recipe. It is made of Chinese infused hoi sin sauce Wagyu beef, with tempura sweet chilli lobster and served with shimeji mushroom, sweetcorn egg fried rice infused with black truffle chilli oil. The price is based on a serving for two people.

“Everyone loves surf and turf, and this has to be the most indulgent, and in my view, best combo!”Lisa Tse MBE

The bill breaks down as: 

  1. 500g Wagyu beef                                                                                       £115.57
  2. 2 tsp ginger slices                                                                                      £1.25
  3. 2 tsp garlic minced                                                                                   £2
  4. 7-8 stems of broccoli blanched then stir fried                                    £2
  5. 1 carrot peeled, cut into rounds and roasted                                      £1
  6. 3-4 corn cobettes sliced on an angle.                                                   £1.50
  7. 1 bottle of Sweet Mandarin hoi sin sauce                                            £4
  8. 2 shots of premium whisky                                                                    £150
  9. Pinch of salt                                                                                               0
  10. Drop of sesame oil                                                                                    3p
  11. 1 sprig of fresh rosemary                                                                         £1.50
  12. 2 small lobster tails                                                                                  £45
  13. 2 stems of spring onion diced finely                                                     £2.50
  14. ¼ bottle of Sweet Mandarin Sweet Chilli Sauce                                £4
  15. 1 cup of plain flour                                                                                    25p
  16. 1 large egg                                                                                                   15p
  17. 1 cup of ice cold water                                                                              0
  18. Ice cubes for chilling the water                                                               5p
  19. 1 lemon                                                                                                         25p
  20. 50g shimeji mushrooms                                                                           £18.50
  21. 2 tbsp Green Giant sweetcorn                                                                 £1.50
  22. 1 free range egg beaten                                                                             20p
  23. 300g cooled boiled long grain rice                                                         £3
  24. Sweet Mandarin Chilli Oil                                                                        £5
  25. 1 tbsp light soy sauce                                                                                 £3
  26. Few shavings of black truffle                                                                   £75

TOTAL:                                                                                                                £437.25

Lisa has also created a more price friendly version of the recipe for those who want to recreate the dish at home for the more modest sum of £48.80.

“Circulon is all about great taste and getting the best out of your cooking for all those chefs at home. The Ultimum Wok is ideal for Asian cuisine because it is guaranteed that your food won’t stick and has been designed so heat is evenly distributed making it the perfect cookware for dishes such as this wonderful surf and turf.” Brand Manager, Sabrina Boukhiba

Circulon is a global brand with a 30-year heritage and is the perfect range for home chefs. The brand is renowned for its unique high and low grooved circles which work to create healthier and tastier dishes.

The range is also hugely practical as it can be put in the dishwasher, used in the oven and can be used on any hobs including induction ones. In fact, Circulon is so confident of its products’ performance that the brand has a unique lifetime guarantee.

Watch Lisa create the world’s most expensive stir fry on YouTube