By Oliver




It’s always been a pretty safe rule of thumb that if you want to market cars to young people, you sell them on the sound system.

Certainly, when I got my first car, the stereo (or radio/cassette deck as it was in those days) was my first consideration. And in my second car, I’m sure the sound system was more powerful than the engine.

These fundamental rules apparently haven’t changed – and Fiat has taken things to the next level with some in-car entertainment technology that would surely be the envy of any car, let alone an affordable supermini like the lovable 500.

In partnership with audio brand JBL and world-famous operatic maestro Andrea Bocelli, Fiat has launched the 500 ‘La Prima by Bocelli’.

The incredible on-board sound system features proprietary technology called Virtual Venues, which transforms any music file to match the sound signature of Andrea Bocelli’s hand-selected audio performance spaces, enhancing the emotional impact of the music. This virtual-reality audio experience changes the acoustic characteristics of the car to transport the listener to one of four unique listening environments:

My Music Room – An intimate musical experience, as if the artist was playing your favourite song right in front of you.

My Recording Studio – Pure acoustics and beautiful tones of a real recording space created specifically for music and recording.

Giuseppe Verdi Opera House, Pisa – Feel the spectacular nature of music in a unique theatre setting. It’s as if you were sitting front and centre enjoying a live performance.

Open-Air Arena – Hear the unmistakable acoustics and energetic feeling of an open-air arena.

Also, let’s not forget this is an electric car, which audiophiles will know means less background noise for better in-car music enjoyment. The sound system even has a setting to compensate for ambient noise when the roof is open, so the music always comes first.

Fact file / Fiat 500 La Prima by Bocelli / Speakers: 7 / Amplifier: 8-channel, 320 watts Range: 298 to 310 km battery-only / Price: from £29,214
Launch date: May 2022 across Europe