Things to consider before getting cosmetic surgery

By Glossy Magazine

Things to consider before getting cosmetic surgery

Things to consider before getting cosmetic surgery

Things to consider before getting cosmetic surgery

For individuals seeking to enhance their appearance for both aesthetic and medical reasons, cosmetic surgery has become an increasingly popular choice. In 2022, a significant surge in cosmetic procedures was observed, with over 31,000 surgeries performed, marking a 102% increase from the previous year.

Whether you’re thinking about getting your lips done or a more intense procedure, there are some important things to consider when getting cosmetic surgery. It’s a big choice with lasting effects on your appearance and self-esteem so you shouldn’t rush in before you can make an informed decision.

Understanding Why You Want The Procedure

Before embarking on the journey of cosmetic surgery, it’s essential to deeply understand your motivations. Are your reasons aesthetic, health-related, or psychological? Being clear about what you hope to achieve and setting realistic expectations is crucial. This self-awareness will help guide your decisions and set the stage for a satisfactory outcome.

Consider less invasive, less permanent solutions to the issue at hand, and only if you’re still not convinced, only then should you go ahead with your chosen procedure.

Speaking To An Expert and Doing Your Research

Consulting with a professional is indispensable. A qualified surgeon can provide valuable insights into the most suitable procedures and what to expect during and after the surgery. Not only could they help you understand why you want the procedure but they can inform you as to whether the surgery is necessary.

It’s also vital to research extensively. Look into the different types of surgeries, potential risks, recovery times, and the latest advancements in technology and techniques to ensure you are well-informed. Botched cosmetic procedures are on the rise so it’s important to go into it with your eyes wide open.

Choosing the Right Practitioner

Selecting the right surgeon is arguably the most critical step. Ensure that the practitioner is fully accredited by a recognized body like the British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons (BAAPS). It’s also advisable to check for past patient reviews and results.

In the unfortunate event of complications, knowing how to use resources like a personal injury claim calculator can help you understand potential compensations for any malpractice​


Cosmetic surgery can be expensive, and costs can vary widely depending on the procedure and the surgeon’s expertise. Most cosmetic surgeries are not covered by the NHS or private insurance unless there is a medical need so you’re likely going to be paying for it yourself. Thus, planning for the financial aspect is essential, including potential follow-up treatments or corrections.

If you’re going ahead with a procedure, ensure you have enough money to pay for it and are not putting yourself into a compromised financial position.