Turn Any Desk Into Your Office With a Portable Monitor

By Glossy Magazine

Turn Any Desk Into Your Office With a Portable Monitor

Turn Any Desk Into Your Office With a Portable Monitor

Turn Any Desk Into Your Office With a Portable Monitor

A wireless portable monitor can instantly turn any desk or stable surface into your office. The leading portable displays feature organic light-emitting diode or OLED touchscreen displays, integrated speakers, stylus pen support and lightweight designs. Find out more about the 150 and 150BW portable monitors.

OLED Touch Display

It is easy to get work done in any location when you have a high-performance OLED display with touch support. A 15.6-inch monitor with 1920×1080 resolution is large enough for composition, collaboration or presentations. These touchscreen display models feature 10-point capabilities and have a 1 millisecond response time. 

The advantages of an OLED display over standard LED screens include superior brightness and contrast. These displays draw on precision imaging technology in the same class as a network image scanner or laser projector. The physical design of a tempered glass display is also resistant to scratching or shattering.

Audio Capability

When you are working on your own, it is easy enough to wirelessly or physically connect earbuds or headphones to a computer or device. When your workflow involves presenting media to one or more viewers, you can appreciate a 150 or 150BW portable monitor model with two rear integrated 1.5 watt speakers. 

Professionals who plan to use a portable monitor to deliver presentations, participate in video conferences or perform other tasks with in-person collaborators can appreciate the ability to play sound directly through a monitor. This feature eliminates the need to use the built-in speakers in devices or connect additional components.

Optional Stylus Input

Work that requires precision input can benefit from the right peripherals. A portable monitor with Active Electrostatic technology supports the use of a stylus pen. This accessory allows for over 4,000 pressure sensitivity levels when used with a 150 or 150BW portable monitor.

Whether you need to draw, write or annotate, you can directly mark up digital documents on an OLED touchscreen. Workflows that involve digitizing and editing documents could benefit from using a high volume document scanner to capture images. After scans are complete, uploaded to the cloud or saved to portable storage, you can pair a portable display with a stylus pen to mark up digitized documents on the go.

Lightweight Design

The wired 150 portable monitor weighs in at just 1.23 pounds. The 150BW wireless display weighs 1.58 pounds because this model contains a rechargeable high-capacity battery to allow for about three hours of operation on a full charge. You can choose either portable monitor based on your need for flexibility and the ability to work in locations where power sources might not be easy to access.

A portable monitor can make it easier for you to be productive anywhere at any time. No matter which laptop computer or mobile device you prefer to connect to this display, it is easier to deliver presentations, view media or work directly on an external monitor with touchscreen functionality. The ability to turn any desk into your office by setting up a wired or wireless portable touchscreen monitor can increase the versatility of your workflow.