Unique cruise destinations to try this year

By Glossy Magazine

Unique cruise destinations to try this year

Unique cruise destinations to try this year

Unique cruise destinations to try this year

Cruising always offers a unique way to explore. Why fly to one destination when you can visit several in one trip, all while enjoying the comfort of a luxury hotel?

The most popular cruise routes include tours of islands in the Caribbean and Mediterranean, and while these undoubtedly offer great experiences, venturing off the beaten path could help you to make the memories of a lifetime. In this guide, we’ve listed five unique and brilliant cruise destinations to try in 2024.

5 exciting cruise destinations for 2024

  1. Canada and New England

Embark on a journey through the magnificent landscapes of Canada and New England.

With quaint coastal towns dotted between exceptional natural scenery, this rugged coastline is ready to inspire adventure. You’ll discover urban hotspots like Quebec City and Boston, teeming with cultural attractions and local delicacies. Or you could start at Nova Scotia for some whale watching. You can discover Canada with tour operators like P&O cruises, with private balconies, unrivalled comfort and five-star catering onboard.

  • Norwegian Fjords

Immerse yourself in the spectacular beauty of the Norwegian Fjords. Going by boat guarantees an awe-inspiring journey through these majestic fjords, surrounded by cascading waterfalls, rugged cliffs, and snow-capped mountain peaks. From tiny fishing villages to scenic hiking trails, you’ll be able to explore the authentic side on foot too.

If you’re lucky, you could visit at the right time of year to see the Northern Lights illuminate the sky in an awe-inspiring display of colour.

  • Madeira and The Azores

Sail away to the idyllic islands of Madeira and the Azores. In the middle of the Antarctic Ocean, you should expect a landscape that’s different to anything you’ve seen before. While you’re at sea, the horizon will be entirely deep, alluring blue.

Sample local delicacies like Madeira wine and Azorean cheeses, known for their distinctive texture and rich flavour. During your cruise, you’ll get the chance to explore the untouched beauty of ‘Europe’s Hawaii’ and get lost amidst its magnificent landscapes. It’s the perfect destination for active holidays and outdoor pursuits on land.

  • Northern Spain

If you’d like a lively and colourful experience, why not experience the cultural delights of Northern Spain? On a cruise along the coast, you could visit charming port cities like Santander, La Coruña and Bilbao, all known for their historic architecture and world-renowned cuisine.

From early spring through to late autumn, warm sunshine is almost guaranteed in this part of the world too. You can indulge in saucy, flavoursome tapas and sip on fine wines from the Rioja region too. On a cruise in Northern Spain, you’ll explore some of the most quintessentially Spanish landscapes.

  • River Danube

Finally, sailing along the second longest river in Europe is certain to be a memorable experience.

On a River Danube cruise, you’ll see the heart of Europe through charming cities in major destinations like Germany, Hungary, Austria, and Slovakia. You can explore historic landmarks like Budapest’s Parliament Building and Fisherman’s Bastion, a panoramic viewing terrace with picture-perfect towers.

Why not pause in Prague to see the John Lennon Wall or the hustle and bustle of the charming Old Town Square? Going on a cruise is the most comfortable way to see this incredible part of the world!