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Samantha and triplets


Samantha and triplets

From fashion to food to family – here’s a round-up of our top up and coming Manchester influencers…




24 hours after finding out she was pregnant with triplets, Samantha was told there had been a serious change and that she would likely miscarry her then seven-week-old babies. Thankfully (and incredibly), at 30 weeks, she delivered three beautiful children – who she saw for around five seconds before they were rushed to the neonatal unit, all needing help on their start to life. This was just the beginning of the ups and downs of Samantha’s journey into motherhood. To this day, having to spend seven weeks in hospital still affects Samantha deeply. It’s taken her a long time to work through her separation anxieties and fears.

The mum of three started her Instagram page anonymously, as she felt completely lost throughout her pregnancy, but once her babies were home safe, she started to open up on her page, wanting to help other mums who were going through similar experiences. Samantha openly shares her life raising triplets, the rollercoaster reality of motherhood and juggling life in general as well as her other great passion… fashion!

Remi Akande





Remi is a content creator with a drive for success, never taking his foot off the pedal. Expressing himself through the highest quality photography, videography and written word, Remi has established himself as a professional and respected name. Alongside completing his law degree, Remi set up a successful fashion, event and PR agency, MCR Fashion Industry. His personal brand grew exponentially from this, helping him to launch his own influential platforms and make an impact across social media. An outlet to share his personal style, opinion and personality, ‘The Style Lawyer’ was born, with his blog transitioning into content across Instagram and more. Highly regarded as a writer for fashion magazines across the world, Remi is a regular on the international fashion week scene; invited to attend London, Paris, Milan and NYC events for his much-valued opinion on trends. With a love for fashion, fitness, travel, men’s grooming, lifestyle, food and drink, and more, Remi covers all bases. He’s also an ambassador for many big brands, such as BBC, Sky TV, Dior, Coca-Cola, Hugo Boss and Starbucks.

Olivia Goldman




Liv is from Manchester and is studying psychology at the University of Leeds. She’s passionate about all things food; from the relationship between nutrition and the body and mind to cooking and eating. She loves travelling, embracing other cultures and trying new things. The prevalence of food allergies and different diets, along with her own experiences of IBS and multiple intolerances, motivated her to show others that, despite being somewhat restricted, you can still eat well and make delicious, exciting meals. Liv decided to create a food account on Instagram during lockdown, sharing everything she ate. Then, during her first year of university, she created a TikTok account with the same name to motivate other students to cook rather than rely on takeaways or ready meals. It’s here that Liv shares all her recipes and top tips.





Domain Esdale is a UK-based fashion and lifestyle content creator known for his signature style of the modern-day gentleman. Domain created his social media channels to express and share his own personal love for fashion, travel and lifestyle. As a firm believer that style doesn’t have to come with a hefty price tag and taking his inspiration from both the catwalk and high street, Domain’s philosophy is that style is about more than just the clothes you wear. He has worked with major international brands, including H&M, Next, River Island, Jimmy Choo, Klarna and Samsung, helping them produce high-quality content to communicate their brand values to his highly engaged audience.



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