Vinyl storage ideas for your home

By Glossy Magazine

Vinyl Storage Ideas For Your Home

Vinyl storage ideas for your home

Vinyl Storage Ideas For Your Home

If you’re lucky enough to own a vinyl record player, then you’ll need ideas for how to store your growing vinyl collection. Here are some of the best vinyl storage ideas for your home.

Display Your Vinyl on Narrow Shelves

Your vinyl record collection can double as décor when displayed on narrow shelves. Rather than having your records facing spine out into your room, you can use narrow shelves to display them with their artwork facing out. This works particularly well with LPs that have eye-catching covers or those with sentimental value.

Arranging your vinyl this way means you can not only enjoy the music but the aesthetic of your favourite albums and artists. It also allows you to create a gallery in your living space that can be constantly refreshed and updated as your mood and musical tastes fluctuate and is sure to be a talking point when guests come to visit.

Create a Cosy Listening Corner

Why not dedicate a corner or small area of your living space as a listening zone? With the help of a comfy armchair and a wooden crate of vinyl records, you can create a wonderful space where you can kick back and relax while listening to all your favourite songs. This could easily soon become your favourite spot in your home and with the aid of a carefully-placed bookcase, your listening corner could even double as a reading nook.

Display Vinyl Covers As Artwork

Vinyl album covers feature many iconic artworks, such as Andy Warhol’s banana design for The Velvet Underground’s debut in 1967, Pink Floyd’s The Dark Side of the Moon album and David Bowie’s Aladdin Sane. If you’re the proud owner of albums like these, then rather than hide these masterpieces away in a cabinet or tightly-packed selves, you could instead give them pride of place on your walls as you would any other piece of artwork.

Cleverly-designed hinged frames will allow you to display the cover art whilst still keeping the vinyl record itself safe and secure, and available to easily pop out of its storage at a moment’s notice so you can still listen to your favourite music.

Store Vinyls Like Books

The best way to store vinyl is side by side, as opposed to on top of each other. Correctly storing your vinyl can help prevent damage such as scratching and also reduce the likelihood of your records warping over time. Storing records upright also prevents the cover sleeves from becoming marked where the imprint of the record has been pressed into it.

Whether you opt for a traditional-style bookcase or contemporary square cubbies, be sure to check that your shelving will fit standard 12-inch records or that it’s adjustable to suit your needs. Remember to position your vinyl storage away from extreme temperatures, (not next to a radiator, for example) and away from direct sunlight to ensure your records are kept in tip-top condition.