What Renovations Can You Use to Increase Property Value?

By Glossy Magazine

What Renovations Can You Use to Increase Property Value?

What Renovations Can You Use to Increase Property Value?

What Renovations Can You Use to Increase Property Value?

If you’re looking to improve your property, then a range of renovations might be worth considering. Many of them, as well as improving the quality of your home life, can add immense value to your property. But exactly which policies offer the best bang for your buck? Let’s take a look.

How do renovations add value?

Renovations add value to a property when they improve its appeal to would-be buyers. This might mean adding extra functionality, living space, or rooms. An outdoor kitchen, for example, might add all of these things. It might mean an aesthetic improvement, like a makeover for the front lawn.

What renovations?

So, which renovations tend to add the most value? The answer will depend on the base you’re working from. If a given room has not been given any attention in decades, then you might get a great deal of value from improving this part of the home.

Generally speaking, however, it’s the kitchen that represents a focal point for many modern homes. Buyers will tend to judge the entire building based on this small part of it, and it’s worth thinking about how it will appeal. Special features like islands and range cookers can add a dose of ‘wow’ factor, while redesigns can address problems with the flow of traffic – particularly if the space leads to other parts of the home.


For many of today’s homebuyers, a property’s exterior is particularly worthwhile. Some buyers, for example, might not even consider investing in a property that lacks adequate parking at the front. A block paving driveway can improve the front of your property, and make it much more appealing to buyers with multiple cars to accommodate.

At the back of the property, an extra living space might be created with the help of the right patio. Add a patio heater, lighting, and a barbeque to make an appealing space that will look great during summer.

Extensions and conversions

Those looking to make a large investment might consider an extension or a conversion. An extension involves increasing the property’s floor space. For example, you might add a conservatory to the rear.

A conversion involves taking an existing space and repurposing it. For example, you might install insulation into your loft and turn it into a bedroom. These things tend to be costly, but the costs are often more than offset by the rewards. If you can advertise your property as containing four bedrooms rather than three, then you might sell it for an accordingly higher price.

Energy efficiency

Homes that are cheaper to run tend to be more valuable. Buyers are often willing to pay more upfront if they believe that they’ll make a saving in the long term. A home can be made more energy efficient with the help of loft insulation, double glazing, more efficient heating systems, and other improvements.