Why Holidaying in the UK is Becoming More Popular

By Glossy Magazine

Why Holidaying in the UK is Becoming More Popular

Why Holidaying in the UK is Becoming More Popular

Why Holidaying in the UK is Becoming More Popular

The UK has a great deal to offer the average tourist – but until quite recently, this appeal has been overlooked by British holidaymakers.

The turning point arguably came during the COVID-19 lockdowns. With no choice but to stay in the UK, many Brits took the opportunity to enjoy a ‘staycation’.

The allure of getting on a plane and stepping off into a new, exotic country has been difficult to resist, but that attitude is changing – and for good reason.

Let’s take a look at the reasons why this type of holiday is becoming persistently more popular.


The UK is easy to reach for most UK holidaymakers. You’ll have a choice of car or public transport, and there’s no passport control or customs checks to think about. Holiday homes provide an excellent way of venturing to a favoured part of the country without worrying about hotel booking costs or other considerations.

If you’re travelling with children or pets, this might be a big factor in your decision. Another option is to invest in your own holiday home, as there are lodges for sale throughout the country, meaning you are sure to find the perfect one for you.

Value for Money

When we eliminate the cost of overseas travel, we can hugely reduce the overall cost of a holiday. This ultimately allows our money to go further: you can see several dozen major UK cities and landmarks for the price of one trip to a foreign country.

If you’re a family looking to take pressure off your annual budget, this can be a major plus point. You’ll be able to enjoy your holiday that much more, secure in the knowledge that you won’t suffer financially later on.


There’s no getting away from the fact that flying is the most environmentally damaging way to travel. Air travel accounts for around 22% of the UK’s total greenhouse gas emissions from transport (and 7% of our overall emissions). By eliminating this, you can make your holiday that much greener.

Of course, just because you aren’t flying, doesn’t mean that you can’t pollute in other ways. Make sure that you clean up after yourself when you go camping, and that you enjoy environmentally-friendly activities and attractions.

Amazing Landscapes and Culture

If you live in the UK, you might find it easy to overlook just how much natural and cultural treasure there is to be unearthed here. From soaring waterfalls and lush forests, to gorgeous cathedrals and railways bridges, there’s something amazing around every corner.

So, what are you wating for? Start looking for your next UK break and you are sure to find something that suits you.