Why It’s a Smart Move for Every Small Business to Allow for Menstruation Leave

By Glossy Magazine

Why It’s a Smart Move for Every Small Business to Allow for Menstruation Leave

Why It’s a Smart Move for Every Small Business to Allow for Menstruation Leave

Why It’s a Smart Move for Every Small Business to Allow for Menstruation Leave

Let’s face it – menstruation is a part of life for half the population. Yet, it’s often shrouded in mystery and, worse, stigma. If you want a better reputation and overall better visibility for your business, then treating your employees like humans (and respect) is going to be a major way to go about it. It’s crazy to think, but businesses get praised for treating employees like humans- which they are. This needs to be the bare minimum,

There’s maternity leave, paternity leave (slowly getting more accepted), sick/ injury leave, and bereavement, but that shouldn’t be all. There needs to be menstruation leave, too; honestly, allowing menstruation leave isn’t just a compassionate move; it’s a smart business strategy. So, with all of that said, here’s why.

Boosting Employee Well-being

First and foremost, prioritising your employees’ health and well-being is a win-win. But again, this should be the bare minimum! Now, menstruation can come with a slew of symptoms – cramps, fatigue, migraines – that make it tough to focus and be productive. It’s not always this annoying feeling; for a lot of people, it’s downright agonizing, screaming-inducing pain! So, just by offering menstruation leave, you acknowledge these challenges and show that you care about your team’s well-being. This simple gesture can reduce stress and make your workplace more supportive and inclusive.

Enhancing Productivity

You might think that time off for menstruation will hurt productivity, but the opposite is true. When employees know they can rest and recover for a day or two, they return to work more focused and energised. Sometimes, employees are fine with being able to work from home, too; it gives them the chance to lie down when needed, have a heating pad on them when needed, and not stress about their work clothes getting stained with blood.

So instead, they can be comfy from home wearing leak-proof underwear from Jude, not stress about causing stains in their clothes (or office furniture), work, and rest when needed. But again, having leave or even just some flexibility for your employees means that there is a reset button for them. Just think about it: rather than pushing through the pain and being less effective, they come back ready to tackle their tasks with renewed vigour.

Perfect for Building Loyalty and Retention

Now, in a small business, every team member is crucial. Whether it’s 50 team members or 5, all of them play such an important role. So, you have to understand that high turnover can be a real pain—training new hires takes time and money. That’s why offering menstrual leave is a great way to build loyalty. Hardly any companies offer this, and there are barely any countries that mandate this, so you’re proving how progressive your company is.

Promoting Gender Equality

Did you know that menstruation leave is also a step towards gender equality in the workplace? But how? Well, it recognises that women’s health needs are legitimate and deserve accommodation. Outdated notions need to go away, and you’re basically challenging that notion with policies when doing this!

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