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spa massage


spa massage

Do you think of a massage as a one-off treat? Does it take you 6 months to realise that your body is aching and crying out for tender-loving-care?

This article aims to debunk any myths about the benefits of massage and how often you should be having them.


The price for a 1 hour Full Body Massage can really vary depending on where in the country you are. Local, independent massage therapy businesses often cost between £35 – £50 for an hour massage. Therefore, the majority of the UK spend more per month on their phone contract than they do on the muscles that move their body every single second of the day.

The Benefits

Massage has incredible wellbeing benefits for the body including reducing muscle tension, decreasing persistent aches and pains and increasing circulation and metabolism.

Shall we be honest though? A lot of us go and get our nails and hair done for how amazing it makes us look and feel afterwards; well, the same can be said for massage.

Did you know that massage can improve the condition and the quality of the skin, therefore making it look younger? That will definitely make you feel and look amazing! Be sure to ask your local massage therapist if they use high-end, quality oils and waxes that nourish the skin giving it that radiance we all strive for.

Not only that, but a regular massages will increase the body’s release of serotonin and endorphins which are our natural mood-enhancers and painkillers, making us feel truly incredible – naturally!

It is important that you go to see highly qualified, professional therapists with extensive knowledge around anatomy and physiology who are able to give you a bespoke service, completely tailored to you as an individual.

What we can all do for ourselves

If you’re sat at a desk for hours, driving a car often or evening looking down at your phone to text all the time, it is highly probable that you feel that ache or pain in the top of your shoulders and around your shoulder blades? Are you answering yes to this? I presume so.

As humans we are completely unaware of how incredible we are designed to feel because we put such strain on our own muscles with daily actions. I am yet to meet an adult that experiences no shoulder or back tension whatsoever and our lifestyle choices are very much responsible for this.

Some of my clients ask me, ‘is the damage forever or can it be undone?’ and I shout from the rooftops ‘It can absolutely be resolved!’

Regular massages afford the therapist time to work through the tension and strain, however, one massage per year will not suffice. Would you get your hair done once a year and expect it to last? Would you have a pedicure once a year and expect your feet to feel amazing for 12 whole months? In short, no, and your muscles are no different.

Massage therapists are here to flood your lives with expertise and knowledge that can help you to feel your best. You only get one set of muscles in your lifetime; can you imagine having pain-free shoulders, younger looking skin, feeling happy and having a calm-mind? All of these things are included in your massage therapy session, so if I were you I’d start reaping the benefits today.



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