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All too often, lighting is considered far too late in the design process, much to the detriment of all those working on the project. Lighting Design should be interwoven into the very fabric of the construction process to ensure that the spectacular architectural features that you have laboured over for many months are always viewed in their best light. But this isn’t easy to achieve, it takes a considerable amount of effort and precision to master.

Lighting designers, such as Asco Lights, can be asked to use your architectural plans to develop the lighting designs and circuit plans for a project. But to use a lighting designer in this way would not only massively underestimate their worth but would also limit their ability to assist you in developing truly spectacular results for you.

Highly skilled lighting specialists know of the latest lighting products and technologies that could benefit your project, and of cost-saving techniques that could release funds to be reallocated elsewhere. They have a lot more to offer your project than you might think.

Lighting consultancy is a skill gained through years of specialist experience that’s often overlooked but which can make a huge difference on a project. Lighting designers can be put to good use to make sure that you start a project off on the right foot to keep costs low and quality high, and to create dramatic results that will surpass your client’s expectations.

Designers can create intricate 3D renders of lighting designs that can not only help you to visualise how they plan to bring a space to life, add drama or create a mood, but enable you to tweak and adapt your design at these early stages to achieve the best results. The beauty of these 3D renders or walk-throughs is that they can also be used to present interior design elements or architectural features to clients well before the building work has begun.

As part of their project management or site visits, it is a lighting designer’s responsibility to make sure that all of the relevant information on how to best utilise the lighting technology they have recommended is disseminated to all relevant parties. For instance, they should produce and coordinate loading schedules, which among other things will require them to inform electricians and home automation specialists how far a driver can be positioned from a set of LED products.

Once you have selected the right fittings for your project, a designer can use their buying power and supplier relationships to make substantial savings on your purchases, which you simply would not be able to achieve any other way. These savings, along with those suggested throughout the project by us as professional lighting designers, will often entirely offset their professional fees. They also work day in and day out with interior designers, builders, electricians and home automation companies, so they speak the same language and understand the intricacies of how each element of the project combines to develop a design vision. More importantly, they understand the practical implications of choosing one direction over another, the knock-on effect of such a decision and the need for detailed planning from the outset.

Asco Lights is a company of award-winning lighting designers with a heritage stretching back over a decade. Not only do they offer all of the above but, with the largest design studio of its kind in England, you’ll be invited to investigate the potential of your lighting design first hand and, with their strong relationships with a wide variety of leading manufacturers, you will get truly unbiased judgement on which products to use on your project to always achieve the finest results.

For more information, visit: www.asco-lifestyle.co.uk



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