A Luxury Wedding on a Limited Budget: 5 Simple Solutions

By Glossy Magazine

A Luxury Wedding on a Limited Budget 5 Simple Solutions

A Luxury Wedding on a Limited Budget: 5 Simple Solutions

A Luxury Wedding on a Limited Budget 5 Simple Solutions

Getting ready for the big day invariably means asking a lot of major questions of yourself, but one of the biggest questions many people ask themselves is how to get that lavish luxury wedding with a modest budget. Many people think that it’s nigh on impossible because in order to get quality, you’ve got to pay for quality, but creating a luxury wedding is achievable as long as you have the ability to plan carefully and make strategic choices. Here’s a number of approaches to consider.

Choose a Venue with Character

When you look at the best wedding venues around, visual appeal could be a massive factor. When you find a location that has an inherent charm or a visual appeal, for example, a museum, historical site, or botanical garden, this provides a luxurious backdrop.

More importantly, it gives you the opportunity to significantly reduce the costs of your decor.

Prioritise Your Spending

Deciding what aspects of the wedding are most important to you is critical. You also need to allocate more of your budget to those areas.

For example, if you want all of your loved ones present, you need to focus more on what it takes to accommodate a larger guest list, which could be things like food and drink.

Smart Substitutions

Sometimes the little swaps make a big difference. Ultimately, when you look back on the photos of your big day, you will be able to witness the charm and spectacle rather than thinking about the negative things. An excellent example is to swap out Prosecco instead of champagne when it comes to toasts because while champagne is typically associated with weddings, we have to remember that champagne can be super expensive, but a lot of people don’t necessarily like it. Prosecco is an excellent alternative and may very well go down a lot better with your guests who aren’t particularly bothered about what type of bubbly they drink!

Additionally, something like the wedding cake may be traditional but not necessary, so if you swap it out for a simpler version of a wedding cake or alternative dessert options, this can make a massive difference.

Also, think about letting your bridesmaids choose their own dresses in a specific colour palette because this can save money and will ensure that they wear the dresses again!

Be Selective with Your DIY

Taking on some DIY projects can be a great way to save money and can help you add more personal touches. For example, creating simple centrepieces using recycled glass containers is a very common approach, which you can then put flowers or candles in.

However, be selective in what tasks you think you can do because this will minimise that sense of overwhelm. When it comes to planning your big day, you need to think about the tasks that are best left to professionals.


One of the best ways to have a luxury wedding on a budget is to go for off-peak seasons or during the week instead of a Saturday because this will help you secure better rates from vendors.

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