If you thought millennials were the only trendsetters around, think again. According to studies, Generation Z is embracing veganism like no other generation before, thanks to the meteoric rise of social media.

Generation Z includes people born in the mid-1990s and mid-2000s. If you’re part of this demographic, the chances are that the terms ‘plant-based’, ‘cruelty free’ and ‘#soyanotsorry’ have seeped into the forefront of your consciousness, thanks to Instagram shots of rainbow-coloured acai bowls and sun-kissed models nibbling sweet potato fries and veggie burritos in the new ‘must-visit’ vegan restaurant.

The rise of veganism is indicative of an era of shifting consumer tastes and a renewed sense of urgency about protecting the environment and animal welfare. The British Vegan Society cites a 360% rise in self-identified vegans over the past decade alone and shows no sign of slowing – particularly amongst Generation Z, who have created a $5 Billion market for meat and seafood substitute products and will account for 40% of all vegan consumers by 2020.

“The image of veganism is undergoing the most radical change in its history, with the number of vegans in Great Britain quadrupling in the last four years. It’s incredible that the word ‘vegan’ didn’t even exist until 1944, when The Vegan Society’s co-founder coined it, but can now been seen on menus and products around the world.” – Dominika Piasecka, spokeswoman for The Vegan Society

A culture powered by an explosive trend across social media and trendy flat-lays of dairy-free lattes and elaborate tofu dishes, the ethical and environmental conscience of Generation Z is a far cry from a fringe movement with no tangible impact. Internationally renowned celebrities, such as Beyoncé, have started to adopt a vegan diet and publicly commend the numerous associated benefits. This mainstream switch to veganism represents a seismic shift in consumer attitudes, which is already changing the ways in which restaurants cater to their customers.

“Too often, vegetarian and vegan options are considered an after-thought, but in a day and age where people are increasingly mindful about the wider environmental and ethical implications of veganism, it’s absolutely vital to have a choice. – Paul Moran, Managing Director at Sunset by Australasia

As the popularity for vegan food grows, any establishment that is willing to make it an integral part of their menu is tapping into a valuable demographic. 

“It’s getting harder to ignore the benefits of a vegan diet, which delivers numerous nutritional benefits, with a fraction of the environmental cost. With innovations in everything from fake meats to non-dairy sour cream getting better all the time, along with the increasingly wide availability in British supermarkets and restaurants,it’s never been an easier time to try it out.” –  Tsouni Cooper, a leading vegan Instagram influencer responsible for the @yesitsallvegan account

Only time will tell if veganism becomes the new norm, but it’s clear that Generation Z will be at the forefront of the change and evolving our dinner plate for the better.



Fresh Fitness Food – London’s leading provider of bespoke meal delivery  has announced its nationwide expansion. Launching into ten major new cities following its success in the capital, the company will roll out its tailored nutrition concept designed to help fitness enthusiasts, athletes and busy professionals alike achieve their health and fitness goals.

The expansion sees Fresh Fitness Food extend its premium offering to residents of ​Hemel Hempstead, Milton Keynes, Warwick, Birmingham, Nottingham, Leeds, Manchester, Telford, Bristol and Cardiff​​, who will now be able to enjoy tailored meal packages devised by Fresh Fitness Food’s team of Michelin star trained menu consultants, expert chefs and in-house nutritionists. Daily deliveries will continue to be scheduled between 6am and 10am to either the clients’ home, office or gym, meaning food is ready and waiting to fuel the clients’ day ahead.

Whether you’re looking to lower body fat percentage, build muscle, boost performance, or simply benefit from a healthy overhaul, the team at Fresh Fitness Food delivers specifically-designed, nutritious meal packages tailored the needs of their clients. ​Every personalised package provides between three to six nutritious meals a day using the finest locally sourced ingredients, with the addition of sweet and savoury snacks, fresh juices or wellness shots available. Fresh Fitness Food pride themselves on variety, featuring no fixed menus. Each plan offers a diverse selection of ingredients, with a 3 week menu rotation to ensure no two days are the same.

Clients will be able to choose from the following plans:

PLANT BASED – ​Based on the principles of nourishing your body through plant-based, whole-food sources, FFF’s plant based package is for those who are looking to reduce their environmental impact and maintain ethical standards, whilst lowering risk of disease and feeling ​your best! Whether you are aiming to shed fat, build and maintain lean muscle, or simply stay nourished on the go, you can choos​e from either a vegetarian or vegan menu depending on your requirements. This will be adapted by our team of nutritionists to meet your individual needs.

OFFICE PACKAGE – ​​Includes either breakfast and lunch or lunch and dinner, plus a cold pressed juice and a either a sweet or savoury snack, providing you with 60-70% of your daily calorie intake and the flexibility to eat meals at home with the family, or dine out with friends. This package is available to cater for all goals, from fat loss to muscle building.

LEAN GAINS – ​​Perfect for those looking to retain muscle and maintain a toned, lean physique. A balanced macro split will provide you with just the right amount of carbohydrates to fuel your workouts and protein to build and repair muscle. A variety of healthy fat sources will help maintain optimal hormone production, an important component of fat loss and staying lean.

FAT LOSS – ​​This package is designed for effective and lasting fat loss and provides balanced, nutrient dense food. The focus is on placing you in a 20% calorie deficit while providing lean proteins, quality fats and unprocessed foods that are high in fibre. This optimises your diet for fat loss and helps prevent muscle wastage, maintaining energy levels and reducing hunger.


MUSCLE GAIN – ​​This package has you on a calorie surplus of 15%, ​a high carb, high protein macro split will provide you with the energy you need to lift more and train harder as well as facilitate muscle growth and recovery.

WELLNESS – Incorporating a holistic approach to nutrition whilst still adhering to scientific principles, the Wellness package provides the nourishment your body needs to support your health and wellness goals. Your bespoke plan will be packed with meals full of high quality proteins from both animal and plant sources paired with a range of complex carbohydrates. Rich healthy fat sources and an array of energising fruits and vegetables will provide your body with the vitamins and minerals it needs to function well and support healthy immune function. Based on the flexitarian approach, this plan will incorporate one breakfast meal, one meat-based meal, one vegetarian meal, a snack and a wellness shot accompaniment.

COMPETITION PREPARATION- ​​Developed in consultation with Tom Brazier, a leading body transformation and competition preparation specialist, this package provides highly customised, macro-focused nutrition using simple, ‘clean’ and functional food to enhance your training regime and help you to get competition ready.

Package prices start from £23 per day

Instagram: @Freshfitnessfood | Twitter: @Fresh_fit_food | ​



Building on its huge popularity in Cambridge, the award-winning Stem + Glory team has started work on their third restaurant, and first London site.

The refurbishment is starting this week and the restaurant will be ready for a January – or should we say Veganuary – launch.

Stem + Glory will be offering its delicious gourmet plant-based food in an exclusive new development in Central London, known as Bart’s Square (60 Bartholomew’s Close, EC1A 7BN).

“We have been searching for the perfect venue for the launch of our first London restaurant and we know we have found it here. It has both a historic location and a unique ‘village’ feel, which sits so well with the Stem + Glory ethos.  It’s a unique and exciting spot.” – Louise Palmer-Masterton, Founder of Stem + Glory

Stem + Glory Bart’s Square will take Stem + Glory to the next level, serving a new menu of breakfast, brunch, fast eat in and take away lunch and a new vegan evening dining concept. Regular special events and tasting menus are expected to sell out in advance, following the precedent set in Cambridge where seven-course tasting menus are sold out within hours of announcing.

Stem + Glory was born of a passion for plant-based food and a desire to make vegan food not only available but delicious.  With the rise of both veganism and flexitarianism, Stem + Glory believe this launch is perfectly timed to bring fantastic vegan food to the heart of London.



Marco Pierre White has launched a new menu at his Media City UK New York Italian restaurant.

Inspired by the celebrity chef’s Italian heritage and love for New York, the restaurant is focused around Marco’s belief that high quality food should be an experience that is shared and enjoyed with friends and family, whatever the occasion.

Created by the man dubbed the original ‘enfant terrible’ and arguably the UK’s greatest ever chef, the new menu has a much stronger deference to America which, it is hoped, will continue to attract those looking for a casual dining experience.

“To create this new menu I’ve added more American influences which complements some of my favourite Italian dishes. I’ve also been conscious we remain true to the New York Italian principle to offer a fresh alternative, where authentic, uncomplicated food is served promptly.”  – Marco Pierre White

For starters new dishes include New Orleans blackened jumbo shrimps and a Carpaccio of beetroot, goats’ cheese, walnut dressing ideal for vegetarians.

On the mains board there is now The Big Marco which comprises two beef patties with Marco’s burger sauce while pizza lovers will enjoy the new American meat feast. Other main dishes include the Chicago hot dog, The Great American chop salad and a Surf ‘n’ Turf with a 10oz ribeye steak plus New Orleans blackened shrimps in garlic and rosemary butter.

If that wasn’t enough to tempt the taste buds, guests can then tuck into some fabulous new desserts including a Classic 1930’s New York Knickerbocker Glory, Banoffee Pie with toffee sauce and Apple Crumble.

“We are thrilled to launch our new menu, which combines some of our most popular dishes with a host of exciting new American dishes which I’m sure will be a popular choice. The new menu gives our regulars something else to look forward to, as well as giving people who have never joined us before the perfect excuse to plan their visit.” – Siobhan Needham, restaurant manager 

For further information visit or call 0161 813 1040.



I have always been a fan of San Carlo restaurants. As far as ‘chains’ go, they are up there with the best and each site manages to create its own personality and vibe. It was my first time visiting San Carlo at the Marriot in Hale Barns and I knew I wouldn’t be disappointed.

My friend and I decided to treat ourselves and we ordered indulgent starters and mains. The standout starter by far was the Arancini Balls with Truffle and Parmesan. They were melt-in-your-mouth good and I personally could’ve eaten about three plates of them and been happy! When I go to an Italian, I like to see how they do with a simple Spaghetti Bolognese. It’s a favourite dish of mine, but it can be difficult to get right. This one was PERFECTION. It was meaty, full of flavour and the perfect portion size (although I did take home a doggy bag).

What a great restaurant this is. After demolishing some Lemon Meringue gorgeousness, we enjoyed drinks on their brand-new terrace. The perfect treat for a week-day night of indulgence.


San Carlo Fiorentina

Manchester Airport Marriott Hotel. Hale Road, Hale Barns WA15 8SQ

0161 904 5043




Self-described as distinctive, stylish, confident and impulsive, as we pull up at Parea, greeted in full floral force by beautiful outdoor blooms, flower walls and contemporary rose gold signage, we couldn’t agree more.

Just a few months old, Parea is the new hotspot for Cheshire’s rich and famous (complete with paparazzi on the high street).

In Greek culture, Parea means ‘friends who regularly gather together to share experiences, philosophies, values and ideas’. This is the concept behind the bar and restaurant, owned by Peter Hunter, James Golden and Chantelle Heskey, wife of ex-Premiership footballer Emile.

We lunched here on a busy Saturday afternoon, but that didn’t impact the service. We started with cocktails (obviously). The Parea & Paradise is perfect for fruity gin lovers, and whilst Falling Stars – a mix of vodka, blue curacao, aloe vera and lemon – is the drink of dreams and a major taste throwback to the ‘Brain Licker’ candy of our childhoods.

Food wise, we started with flatbreads, hummus and olives, followed by tasty Pork Fillet Gyros with Tzatziki and an 8oz Sirloin Steak with fries and salad (there’s the popular option to upgrade to sweet potato or halloumi fries too). Indulgent and oozing Chocolate Fudge Cake with ice-cream completed our meal… along with another Falling Stars cocktail!

We’re certain Parea will continue sending the hospitality industry into a floral frenzy.


34 London Road

Alderley Edge


01625 586186

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