Celebrity weddings tend to be secret, but when the paps are allowed in we get an unrestricted view of their big day.

The weddings themselves are nearly always hosted at some of the world’s most luxurious and beautiful venues, but is there one particular venue the celebs all use for their wedding day? The team at Diamonds Factory have spent weeks researching celebrity marriages going back 50 years and the results are in…

London’s Marylebone Town Hall claims the title of the most popular celebrity wedding venue in the world! It has hosted at least 17 celebrity marriages, including Antonio Banderras, Claudia Winkleman, and Jude Law. Paul McCartney, and Liam Gallagher both loved the venue so much they got married there twice! The Grade II listed building is one of the most sought-after venues and is a certified favourite for celebrity couples worldwide.

New York’s City Hall is the second most popular celebrity venue with 8 celebs tying the knot there, including Chrissy Teigen and John Legend, Emily Ratajkowski, and Matt Damon.

Following the city halls, the next most popular venue is the beautiful Babington House in Somerset, where at least 7 celebrity couples have tied the knot including James Corden and Julia Carey, Eddie Redmayne and Hannah Bagshaw, and DJ Fatboy Slim, and his radio presenter wife Zoe Ball.

In 4th is the picturesque San Ysidro Ranch in California – at least 6 couples have wed there including Chris Pratt, Hilary Duff, and Jessica Simpson.

Taking joint 5th with at least 5 celebrity weddings each are historical buildings in the UK, Blenheim Palace in Oxford and Castle Skibo, in Dornoch, Scotland. Celebrities getting married at Blenheim Palace include Marvin and Rochelle Humes, and Sylvester Stallone, while celeb weddings at members only Castle Skibo, include the iconic marriage of Guy Ritchie and Madonna, and Ewan McGregor.

Other popular celebrity wedding venues to make the list was Babington House in Somerset – James and Julia Corden’s location of choice, Odescahli Castle in Bracciano, Italy – Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes famously lavish occasion, and El Dorado Golf & Beach Club in Los Cabos, Mexico where musician Adam Levine married his wife Behati Prinsloo.

It’s no secret that celebrity weddings cost a lot either! It was reported that the Brad Pitt and Jennifer Anniston’s wedding cost over a million dollars, while Elton John’s and David Furnish reportedly cost over £1.2 million. So would the average Joe be able to get married at one of these venus? No, probably not…



If it’s not ‘visibly’ dirty it doesn’t need washing right? Wrong.

Despite the enhanced hygiene measures we’ve been taking in recent months, a new survey has revealed the grubby truth about how little UK households are washing household fabrics around the home – which experts have shockingly indicated could be harbouring all sorts of hidden nasties.

In a Surcare survey of 2000 UK adults, the 10 least laundered items in the home include:

  1. Rugs – more than 55% of people have NEVER washed or deep cleaned their rug (either in a domestic washing machine or professionally) – ever! Making them the least washed fabric item in the home
  1. Pillows – 41% have never washed their current pillows. Only 5% wash their pillows to the recommended frequency (every three months)
  1. Curtains – 34% have never cleaned their curtains. Only 18% factor them into their annual clean
  1. Duvets – 25% have never washed their current duvet. Only 12% wash their duvet to the recommended frequency (every six months
  1. Throws (and blankets) – Only 15% have washed their sofa or bed throw in the last 12 months
  1. Bedding (sheets) – average length between washes was 18 days. One in ten haven’t changed their bedding in six months
  1. Pillow covers – pillow covers are just as neglected as bedding. The average length between washes was 16 days
  1. Towels – on average we wash our towels once a week
  1. Cleaning cloths – only 10% of people wash their cleaning cloths
  1. Tea Towels – 21% of people only wash their tea towel once a week, experts recommend it should be changed every day!

And also up there in the overall least cleaned items in the home is the washing machine itself – a massive 62% claim they have not cleaned their washing machine in the past six months. Despite being responsible for keeping our clothes clean and fresh, the crevices and damp conditions of our washing machines can be a breeding ground for bacteria. They should in fact be cleaned inside and out once a month!



We are frequently given glimpses into the glittering and gold studded life of American socialites, and with their net worth climbing into the billions, so we find out how long it would take for the average Brit to earn their income.

Within the list of the 31 richest US socialites, 70% of the top 10 were women and overall, only 19% were men.

The richest US Socialite is none other than Belgian fashion designer Diane von Fürstenberg. Previously married to Prince Egon von Fürstenberg of Germany, Diane has now thrown the world into a frenzy with her most recent collaboration with H&M. Ms Fürstenberg is worth nearly twice as much as Kylie Jenner, with a net worth of £900,000,000! It would take the average British worker (£35,423) 25,407 years to catch up with this fashionable socialite.

American fashion designer, businesswoman, and philanthropist, Tory Burch comes in second place with a net worth of £750,000,000! To rake up Tory’s earnings the average Brit working on an annual income of £35,423 would have to work 21,173 years.  

The top three wouldn’t feel right if there wasn’t a Kardashian involved – thankfully, Kim has the family covered! As she secures third place with her lucrative net worth of £675,000,000. To reach Kim’s net worth it would take an average British wage earner (£35,423) 19,055 years.

How about that eh? 

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There were some double takes in town as UK Drag Race Royalty Divina De Campo was spotted in Manchester on Monday 30 November filming a launch marketing campaign for one of the city’s most disruptive and successful start-up’s, Taptrip. 

Towering high on platform heels and sporting her famous raven locks Divina cut an imposing figure shooting in and outside Hotel Brooklyn in the city.

The business travel technology company which has grown from six to 20 people in spite of the uncertainty facing the corporate travel market due to COVID-19 and has recently raised £2.7 million from investors including Barclays, Techstars, Startup Funding Club, easyJet and ATPI.

Its intuitive platform makes booking business travel as easy as using Netflix and its integration of Ticketmaster, Zomato and Eventbrite among others within the platform means business travellers can also book events, restaurants, even networking events that match their needs all at the same time.  It’s this understanding of the next generation of business travel needs, blurring business + leisure = ‘bleisure’ that’s attracted the big investors and fuelled the start-up’s rapid growth.  That alongside its irreverent personality shared by its founders and team who also star in the video.

“The pandemic has been a real blow for the travel sector but when we got confirmation from UK culture secretary that TV & film production could continue, we knew we had to crack on with our plans to shoot the marketing campaign for Taptrip. I’d like to thank all those hotels and businesses including Hotel Brooklyn that allowed us to shoot safely on their premises despite lockdown.When it’s safe to do so, business travellers are going to need to be encouraged to get moving again, to get dressed fully, not just from the neck up and perfect way to do this will be to stimulate their business brain with their traveller’s heart, that’s what our platform does.  We all have a part to play in getting the travel industry moving again.” – Neil Ruth, Taptrip COO 

“To be honest I’m just bloody grateful for the work!  Only kidding, I’ve known Neil a long time and when he asked for my help I knew I needed to lend my old school glamour to the proceedings!” – Divina De Campo 

The video, shot safely by Manchester’s What Marketing, sees Divina enjoying every element of a Taptrip and will feature as a part of the businesses exciting new marketing campaign going live in 2021.



According to a new survey, issues with night time driving include: things looking blurred, night-time glare from artificial lighting and being dazzled by ongoing headlights – a fact that is backed up by Government data that shows around 300 collisions every year are caused by glare from headlights.

Dr. Andy Hepworth from, a leader in optical lens technology, explains the simple measures that can be taken to improve night vision, as well as the extra precautions needed when driving in the dark.

“Our vision is not adapted to night-time driving environments, and eye sensitivity is different in the daytime than at night. Therefore, driving in the dark, we are exposed to multiple and intense sources of light that create reflections and glare; the impact on vision is difficulty in adapting, reduced peripheral vision, decreased contrast sensitivity, increased response time, difficulties in motion perception and navigation issues.

Adjust your eyes to the dark before driving

Give yourself a few minutes in the car to allow your eyes to adjust to the lower light level before you start driving. Low light levels cause the pupil of the eye to become larger and this can accentuate any focusing errors – no matter how minor – causing blur. Low-light levels can similarly lead to a reduction in the contrast of objects. At night it’s also more important than ever to wear a pair of spectacles or contact lenses with an up-to-date prescription. It’s a legal requirement that your vision meets standards for driving. 

Keep your distance

It is more difficult to judge distance at night-time so allow extra space between you and the car in front as this gives more time to react to situations ahead of you.

Use anti-glare glasses lenses

Specially developed lens coating can reduce glare and reflection by up to 90% compared to a lens that has no anti-reflective treatment. This can help to remove distractions from glare caused by streetlights, traffic lights and headlights from other cars. 

Keep windscreens smear-free

While not only making sure the outside of a front and back windscreen is clean and streak free, ensuring washer fluid is good quality and always topped up, keep a microfiber cloth in the glove box to clear any condensation and smears on the inside. And while you’re at it – give you glasses a wipe over too so they are smear free and clear. Scratched or smudged glasses will reduce image quality.

Regularly check and adjust mirrors

Advice on safe night driving includes regularly adjusting rear view mirrors to reduce glare from behind. Some newer vehicles come with self-dimming rear-view mirror functionality, which is worth looking out for to help reduce glare.

Be visible

Headlights not only help drivers to see better but are an important safety feature to be seen. Regularly check that all lights are in full working order.It is illegal to drive at night without fully-functioning headlights and police officers will stop vehicles that don’t comply with the guidelines. 

Dip don’t dazzle

While taking steps to be safe from the dazzle of other driver’s headlights, it’s important that all drivers are taking the correct steps in their own vehicles. Adjust car headlights if you’re carrying varying loads and check that they are aligned properly. Headlamp aim forms part of a vehicle’s MOT, but ask your local garage to inspect that they are aligned properly whenever your vehicle goes in for a service. Also, always dip headlights when facing oncoming traffic.

Slow down or stop  

Rule 237 of the Highway Code states that if you’re dazzled by bright sunlight then slow down or if necessary stop. The same applies for being dazzled at night. If your vision is in any way causing concern, pull over in a safe place and take the necessary steps to try and improve vision by clearing a windscreen or adjusting mirrors.”



Meet the Cheshire mum who’s running her own business and helping busy mums live a cleaner, happier life. 

Chester born and bred Jen established The Clean Life after becoming a mum in 2017. Following a successful career in marketing, she was left in a position where she was unable to go back to work after maternity leave. Having already dipped her toe into the health and wellness industry previously, she decided to become the CEO of her life and launch her own business.  

“I wanted to build a product that makes busy mums feel special. When I became a mum three years ago, I suddenly realised that we get very little time to ourselves, and we very rarely get treats either, and I really wanted to create a brand to empower mums, centred around health and wellbeing.” – Jennifer Wood, owner of The Clean Life

 Jen, who had always been into healthy eating and fitness saw a gap in the market for a subscription based service for mums who want to stay fit and active whilst also having a treat for themselves. “I’ve tried so many subscription style services, whether they’re athleisure wear, beauty or food based, and I’ve always been disappointed with what I received. And then the lightbulb moment happened – what if I could combine all three and create boxes filled with things that active mums actually want?!” 

The Clean Box contents vary each time they are sent out, but always include limited edition The Clean Life workout apparel, beauty products, healthy snacks, drinks, and also easy, healthy recipe cards and exercise tips. The box also includes a ‘free gift’ as well.  

The brand is very much aimed at mums who want to be fit, healthy and active, and Jen launched her quarterly boxes in September 2019. The Clean Box has been a huge hit amongst mums, who receive their carefully curated box every three months.

All of the products in the box are provided by local businesses to her in Chester and are all tried and tested by Jen herself. “I wanted to be certain that I was sending out squat proof leggings, and it’s really important to me that I help local businesses.” 

“Our business ethos is to support other small businesses like mine. Everything from the boxes, tissue paper and stickers, to the activewear, products in the box and mailer bags are all from small independent companies, most of which are owned by women. Our boxes are fully biodegradable as is all of The Clean Life packaging so they can be recycled and are kind to the environment.”

Jen has partnered up with businesses such as Little Lodge Confectionary, Bird and Blend Tea Co, LB Online Fitness and Ageless Glow to include their products in The Clean Box, and it’s meant that mums have been able to try out products from businesses which they perhaps wouldn’t have previously heard of.   

Jen says: “All of our products are ethically sourced and manufactured too, which was very important to us.” 

“Especially now, with Covid-19 and restrictions on shops, it’s even more difficult than before for mums to get out to the shops and buy workout gear, or to take that time and have a face mask for example, and so The Clean Box has proved very popular over the summer months,” Jen says.  

The Clean Box has been popular as both a gift and also as a treat mums have bought themselves. “We have a lot of sales from boyfriends or husbands who want to treat their partners to something – it really is the gift that keeps on giving! And around Christmas time we sell a lot as the box comes ready packaged as a ‘gift’, so there’s no wrapping up to do!”

So what’s next for this entrepreneurial mum?

“I’ve been trying loads of different beauty products and snacks during lockdown from amazing local businesses, as well as trying out different recipes for the recipe cards, so it’s going to be a really exciting year for the boxes in 2021. I’m also expanding into Ireland over the Autumn, and then hopefully to the US and Australia next year! I would love to see my brand in stores too. Small independent ones who know their customers and can share the story behind our brand. When people come up to me and ask how and why I started The Clean Life, my story resonates with them.”

The Clean Box is available to purchase from The Clean Life website here. The Clean Box is priced at £60 per box, or £216 for a yearly subscription (4 boxes). The next Clean Life box is available to order until 16th November 2020 for guaranteed delivery before Christmas 2020. 



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