How to date confidently

By Glossy Magazine

How to date confidently

How to date confidently

How to date confidently

The prospect of dating is daunting, no matter your stage of life. Before involving anyone else in your circle, it’s important that you feel comfortable and happy with who you are. By learning to love yourself first, you’ll be less likely to put excessive pressure on a relationship. 

Once you’re ready to share your life with someone, dating with confidence and self-assurance will increase the likelihood of finding the right person. Here’s what we recommend.

Prioritise yourself

Times have changed: no longer do gender roles and relationship status play a major role in determining your self-worth. As such, you don’t have to settle for anyone who doesn’t fit with your long-term plans. Think about what you want from life, your priorities and your ambitions. 

Write these down if you need to but try to avoid a simple list of wants from a partner. Your notes shouldn’t include too many aspects based on physical attraction alone. This can place unhealthy expectations on you and a future partner – no one is perfect, after all. 

Pick the right location

Booklet printing specialist instantprint looked into first dates at restaurants, with intriguing results. For many, this may seem like a classic choice of location. However, instantprint’s research into online opinion reveals that a poor choice of restaurant date risks giving your date the ‘ick’, meaning their feelings change from attraction to revulsion. Reasons for this ranged from impolite eating habits to arguments over who should cover the bill.

To mitigate the chances of your date turning sour, pick your restaurant carefully. instantprint identified that Chinese and Italian topped the UK’s most-searched cuisines. For the best chance of avoiding judgement, select a restaurant with a minimal yet popular menu with universal appeal.

Use apps properly

The use of apps is becoming practical in so many sectors, including banking, fitness, healthcare and logistics. However, the rise in dating apps is proving to be the most lucrative of all: it’s predicted that over half of relationships will begin online by 2035. Clearly, learning how to use dating apps will be vital to forming successful bonds over the platforms. There are some key rules to bear in mind:

  • Maintain confidence: It can be tough to deal with putting yourself out there to be judged by others. You may clash with people or have to deal with rejection, so remember to maintain confidence in yourself and your self-worth. 
  • Be selective: Choose your dating apps carefully, as each one has a different angle. For example, Bumble puts messaging power in the hands of women on the platform to create a safe environment. 
  • Be open: When it comes to searching through profiles, you may have a physical ‘type’ that you typically swipe on. However, it’s important that you aren’t solely picking based on appearance – be open to dating people who share your values.
  • Have zero tolerance: Operate a personal zero-tolerance policy for anyone who makes you uncomfortable. Your safety is paramount, so be sure to cut contact with people who raise red flags.