KP Aesthetics on Cosmetic Surgery

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KP Aesthetics on Cosmetic Surgery

KP Aesthetics on Cosmetic Surgery

KP Aesthetics on Cosmetic Surgery
Khatra Paterson, Giorgio Netri and Seema Malhotra.
Khatra Paterson, Giorgio Netri and Seema Malhotra
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If you haven’t already heard of KP Aesthetics, they are a bespoke medical aesthetics clinic in Hale, founded by Khatra Paterson who won the Aesthetic Nurse Practitioner of the Year 2022 at the Safety in Beauty Awards in December 2022.

Currently taking the industry by storm with their cosmetic treatments including injectables, facials, advanced skin treatments, feminine wellness, and body contouring, KP Aesthetics will soon be offering surgical treatments for their patients to continue their treatment journeys that go beyond their current menu.

Khatra has joined forces with leading cosmetic surgeon, Mr. Giorgio Netri, to bring their patients a private surgical suite; KPN Surgical.

Building work started for KP Surgical in December to create the brand new, state of the art operating theatre, with relaxing and comfortable recovery rooms and a private entrance; all to the high clinical standards you would find within any private hospital.

Mr Giorgio Netri

KP Aesthetics Giorgio Netri
Giorgio Netri during a consultation for Breast Surgery.

Mr Netri is one of the most active and popular plastic surgeons in the North West of England where he lives.

He has been working full-time in the UK for over 10 years operating on thousands of patients and gaining an enormous amount of experience in cosmetic surgery, with particular interest for breast surgery and body contouring procedures.

KPN Surgical Suite

Khatra Paterson and Giorgio Netri at the start of the building works at KPN Surgical. Located within KP Aesthetics.
Khatra Paterson and Giorgio Netri at the start of the building works at KPN Surgical. Located within KP Aesthetics.

So, what is a surgical suite I hear you ask? We spoke to Mr. Giorgio Netri who is the Medical Director of KPN Surgical. He stated that “in the UK we are a little behind with cosmetic surgery and we rely on hospitals”. He went on to explain, ” Cosmetic surgeons in the UK are looking to move to a system that America already has. The surgeons have their own suites, which means it is more private and direct when dealing with the patient. Safety is an integral part of the surgical journey. As a patient you want that to be up there being one of the most important things to take into consideration when choosing to have cosmetic surgery.”

Mr Netri made it very clear that the new KP Surgical Suite would be just as safe as a hospital with the same standards and practices they have, if not better! This is all regulated by the CQC, Care Quality Commission, who are independent regulators in England. Their purpose and role is to ensure health and social care services provide people with safe effective compassionate high quality care.

The idea is that, together, KP Aesthetics & KPN Surgical will offer the “full package”. Mr Netri said, “results of surgical operations can be improved by looking after scaring with non-surgical, resulting in the two units offering treatments that compliment each other.” So, it does makes sense to have everything under one roof.

One of the most appealing points is that a patients journey will be dealt with in house, from the same team of specialised surgeons and nurses all the way from the very first consultation to the procedure to the after care, follow up and reviews.

The additional added benefit of this is the ongoing care provided by KP Aesthetics, using non surgical cosmetic treatments, such as skin resurfacing, scar reduction, LED light therapy, fat freezing, cellulite reduction, skin tightening and overall improvements to skin tone & texture.

Understanding what is going on with your body is incredibly important. Ultimately understanding brings choice about the options available, whether this is treatment, or simply changes you want to make within your day to day life.

Treatments Available

KP Aesthetics Breast Surgery
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A full range of day case cosmetic procedures will be offered by a team of specialised plastic surgeons, carefully selected and led by Mr Netri.

Mr Netri will specialise in breast surgery and liposuction initially, with a specialist consultant for each of the other areas listed below

Full range of cosmetic surgery day cases include:

  • – Breast Surgery
  • – Eye Surgery
  • – Face & Neck Lift
  • – Ears
  • – Liposuction
  • – Body Reshaping

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